Former cop finds racism, sexism welcome at TSA

A former New Jersey cop who, colleagues said, routinely disparaged blacks, Hispanics, East Indians, and women found a hearty embrace by the TSA at his local airport.

Former Edison, NJ police sergeant Alex Glinsky retired last year on the taxpayers’ dime ($84,000 a year) after having spent a career abusing John and Jane Citizen. Then he looked for a second career — with the TSA.

What could be more perfect?

Especially given that TSA agents at Newark Liberty International Airport, among others, regularly engaged in abusive racial profiling of passengers.

Glinsky would still be working at Newark if it weren’t for an investigative series by the New Jersey Star-Ledger, one of the few mainstream news sources that doesn’t kowtow to the TSA. Just a few days after the Star-Ledger exposed the cushy employment arrangement, Glinsky and the TSA went their separate ways.

Funny how that works.

As the Star-Ledger indicates, even the most cursory Google search would’ve pulled up Glinsky’s extensive history of alleged misconduct. So much for the supposedly thorough background check that the TSA supposedly does on all prospective employees.

But what the heck — so what if the TSA hires people who use racial epithets, call women “whores,” pull over black drivers and threaten them, and download porn while on the job? Who better to paw through passengers’ bodies and belongings and gawp at their nude x-ray images? After all, you want someone with experience, don’t you?!

(Photo: Robert Sciarrino/The Star-Ledger)