Another woman arrested for defending herself against the TSA

A South Korean woman visiting this country and, of course, having no idea that she was required to undergo physical assault as a condition of getting on a plane, was arrested at Orlando International Airport.

39-year-old¬†Hyunjoo Kim was being groped by a TSA agent when she allegedly “slapped” said agent. If this is anything like the Yukari Miyamae case, we can safely assume that the press is just repeating the lies the TSA is feeding them. Yukari Miyamae didn’t “grope” or “squeeze” a TSA agent’s breast, despite the fact that the press kept reporting it that way, so it’s a fair bet that Hyunjoo Kim didn’t “slap” a TSA agent, though god knows she could be forgiven if she did.

The airport cops, once again, sided with the TSA and against the Constitution. But that’s what we’ve come to expect. Not only Yukari Miyamae, but also Andrea Abbott, John Brennan, Aaron Tobey, and Carol Jean Price can tell you about that. As well as some of the thousands of people in this list.

Welcome to the USA. No wonder tourism is down.