How to stop the TSA from stealing your stuff

Mike Adams of Natural News has posted a video of an ingenious method to prevent the TSA from stealing your valuables.

While I think it’s a great, inexpensive, and effective technique, there’s still the problem of the TSA separating you from your bag and someone else potentially walking off with it. Since all your stuff is locked together inside, you’d be losing not just some of your expensive equipment but all of it.

There’s also the problem of retaliation.

But nothing’s foolproof. The mere fact that we even have to be scheming like this to protect ourselves from the people whose salaries we pay says it all.

  • Chris Bray

    I would like to watch John Pistole and Janet Napolitano watching this video in front of a congressional committee.

  • LeeAnneClark

    I absolutely intend to use this method! As a diver and underwater photographer, I always carry on my dive electronics and my photography equipment, as I just don’t trust leaving it in my checked luggage. So far I’ve managed to keep my eyes on my carry-on during my gropes, but my biggest checkpoint fear (well, second only to sexual molestation) is that I’ll be separated from my bag and something will go missing. One little item removed from my bag would mean that I couldn’t dive at all, which would ruin the entire trip. (Replacements are not so easy to find in exotic dive destinations.)

    I’m heading to Costa Rica in March, and will be carrying on my stuff again. This time it’s all going to be cable-tied together inside my bag. This is a huge relief!

    What this won’t necessarily protect me from is the fiddling with my gear that often happens at the checkpoint. Because my electronics are not easily recognized by low-wage mall cops, they often pull my bag aside for a secondary screening, and then start fiddling with my regulator or dive computer. This is, in fact, HIGHLY dangerous – this is my life support equipment when I’m underwater, and they could easily mess with a setting or connector that I don’t realize until I get to depth and…URP…suddenly can’t breathe. Thanks, assholes.

    This video has given me some ideas, however – I can put soft cases around the more sensitive gear, and tie-wrap them. Then, if they want to see them, they’d have to go to all the trouble of cutting everything apart, which I don’t think they could do without me being there. I then can at least TRY to keep their grubby paws from messing around with the knobs and settings.

    I’ll be putting this to the test in March, and will report back how it goes. Thanks for posting!

    • Frank Ney

      If these freedom fluffers are messing with your dive gear, isn’t that reckless endangerment?

      • LeeAnneClark

        Abso-damn-freakin-lutely! But what are my options? This has happened several times. I stand there and protest, and tell them repeatedly that this is LIFE SUPPORT EQUIPMENT and fiddling with the knobs and settings could KILL ME. Their reactions to my protest fall into two categories:

        1. They completely ignore me as if I wasn’t even talking and continue to mess with my stuff
        2. They angrily tell me to back away while they continue to mess with my stuff

        Sure, I could complain. Ha ha. What does that get me? I could also complain every time they sexually molest me (which is most of the time I fly, due to the metal in my back which sets off the WTMD). I might, if I’m lucky, get a canned, meaningless apology. BFD. Is that going to stop them from either sexually assaulting me or fiddling with my gear next time I fly? Hell to the no.

  • Deborah Newell Tornello

    It’s clever, and it makes sense, but I think they’d want to look in those smaller bags. They probably have scissors (what am I saying–they have TONS of scissors, confiscated from passengers) that they’ll use to cut your zip-ties. But perhaps you could use tiny combination locks on the small bags/pouches: they’d have to call you over, post-groping, to unlock them. Impossible to steal stuff then. I can’t imagine they have bolt-cutters at the checkpoints.

    • TSAisTerrorism

      Of course they do! Don’t you know about all of the stuff they brag about finding? Like bolt cutters, and chainsaws, and shampoo.

      You, know, really dangerous stuff.

  • Kfred

    What is truly pathetic is that we feel the need to have videos like this to protect ourselves from our government.
    A continuing sad sign of the time.

  • davidgilmore

    Well, that’s ambitious! I daresay that the TSA is going to insist on cutting those zip ties b/c they won’t allow a little bag to go unsearched.