ACLU: TSA profiling and other shenanigans

The ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union) has a new blog post up about various aspects of the TSA, including Pre-Check, about which we’ve written so many times, racial/ethnic/whim-based profiling (likewise), and data mining in general.

For those who follow the TSA or this blog, none of this information is new. But for those who are still skeptical, perhaps they’ll be more likely to believe the ACLU (or not — I don’t profess to understand what people believe and why anymore). It’s also helpful to have a lot of this information in one place.

(Photo: Walt Stoneburner/Flickr Creative Commons)

  • Anyone hear about this?

    Anyone know how to get a copy of the video? The article only includes a full transcript.

  • 1amWendy

    Dear ACLU: now that you’ve set your sites on Pre-Check as discriminating against those who may not have the most sterling credit rating or the most stable employment/address, please turn your attention to the real recipients of the TSA’s molestation: those using medical assistive devices. Secretary Napolitano has harrumphed that “only 3%” of the traveling public is subjected to TSA assault. That is a gross mischaracterization: it is much more accurate to state that 3% of the traveling public gets molested 100% of the time.

    • LeeAnneClark

      As someone with metal in my body, and no opportunity for choosing the scanner instead of the WTMD (not that I would anyway) at my home airport, I am one of those travelers who gets sexually molested 100% of the time that I fly. If that’s not discrimination, I don’t know what is.

      3% my ass.