TSA News Blog on HuffPost Live

I was a guest on Alyona Minkovski’s program on Huffington Post Live last night, along with Declan McCullagh of CNET and a frequent flyer named Marc Marrero.

AOL picked it up and put together a shortened segment called “TSA Watcher: Agency’s Actions Are ‘Ethically Indefensible’.” As it turns out, said segment is an edited version of remarks by yours truly.

Since it’s a spliced-together chunk, you won’t get all the references (one of which was to Chris Elliott’s latest column). In any case, I think you’ll also want to see Declan’s and Mark’s comments, so there’s a link at the end of the video to the original at HuffPo Live.

And apologies, dear reader, for the schlocky visuals in my segment. I was aghast when I saw it. Though I was in a room full of bookshelves, the computer was situated in such a way that what you see is a decidedly unprofessional-looking background — my gowns and hubby’s gym clothes. Luckily, the cats weren’t wandering around. Next time I do one of these, I’ll make sure to re-position the computer.

(Photo: HuffPost Live/AOL)