Frank Hannibal sues TSA for $5 million

Good for him.

Though most of us can’t afford to bring suit against this worthless agency, some people can.

Such as 50-year-old Frank Hannibal. He was jailed — yes, jailed — because he made a crack about the tin-badge tinpot tyrants trying to confiscate his Super Scary Terroristy Peanut Butter.

As usual, you can’t make this stuff up.

“It sounds laughable now but at the time to be led out of there like a terrorist was unbelievable,” Hannibal tells the Daily News. “My whole life was up in the air. It was a nightmare. My children were overwhelmed. It was crazy.”

But surely there’s more going on here than meets the eye? Surely our brave blue-shirted knights were onto something? Of course! They noticed a Scary Separation:

Hannibal’s troubles began when a TSA agent questioned him about his jar of “Crazy Richard’s Natural Peanut Butter,” a spread sold at supermarkets across the country and marketed by Ohio’s Krema Products Company. Speaking to the paper, Hannibal says the TSA agent appeared confused by the natural separation of oil inside the jar of peanut butter, which retails typically at around $7 a pop.

“The liquid oil that separated from the peanut butter had them baffled,” he says.

Things only went south from there. Because remember: under no circumstances is humor allowed. Humor is dangerous! Humor helps The Terrorists! If you employ humor, you obviously Hate America!

. . . instead of ditching the food or explaining the science behind preservation, Hannibal admits to cracking a joke when an agent analyzed the jar.

“They’re looking to confiscate my explosives,” Hannibal sarcastically told his wife and twin 6-year-old daughters, according to court papers obtained by the Daily News. But although the comment wasn’t met for anyone other than his family, Hannibal says it garnered the attention of a nearby agent.

Moments later, Hannibal was cuffed and on his way to a holding cell. There he spent 25 hours in lockup . . . .

Let’s see — how do you say in English? This country has lost its effing mind.

Every person who defends the TSA and its abusive, moronic, certifiably insane procedures deserves what he gets. And I do hope he or she gets it.

Right on, Frank Hannibal. If you need a contribution to your legal defense fund, many of us are happy to help. As we did with Yukari Miyamae, Andrea Abbott, John Tyner, Carol Jean Price, and others.

Oh, and for a real thrill, take a look at all the sheep bleating in the comments section of the New York Daily News article. Just bend over and spread ’em, people, why don’t you?

  • RitaLR

    I’m the lady who had her single clear cellophane wrapped red and white striped hard candy mint confiscated by TSA “for testing” this past January when I was flying from Chicago to Dallas. TSA = theater of the absurd. The small china figurine, still in the Hallmark store box, that I was bringing to my grandson for his birthday was also taken for testing while I was interrogated (where did you purchase this? who sold it to you? etc.) about the item. It’s a lengthy, miserable story complicated by the fact that I was in an airport wheelchair and I wore an external thigh-to-midcalf leg brace (torn knee ligament). Us 62 year old American born disabled grannies fit the terrorist profile, dontchaknow.

  • Take a look at the commenters at Elliott Blog who are all in favor of the TSA & cops and against Frank Hannibal. I swear to god, this country is so getting what it deserves. You see it with authoritarians like this. See especially, as of this writing, the comments of EdB, emanon256, and BillCCC:

    • EdB

      Excuse me? What about my comments? My comments in no way was to support the TSA. I made some observations, nothing more. My comments included what appears to be how the TSA is immune from lawsuits, something that should not be allowed. If free speech is protected at checkpoints, where these types of stories seems to illustrate the TSA doesn’t think so. And in my one exchange with you, disputed a comment made by someone else that the practice of breast groping had stopped yet from all the stories we still see about it, it is still going on. In fact, *YOUR* response sounded more like you were being a TSA supporter by claiming breast groping was no longer happening.

      • EdB, this was 6 months ago. I’ll have to go back and read the whole exchange. I apologize if I misrepresented your comments.

        • EdB

          If you really want to apologize, please remove my name from your initial post please. Then I would be fine with you removing all this exchange.

  • Susan Richart

    My comment that didn’t get posted yesterday, was along the lines of while Hannibal should have known better than to even make the comment, it certainly didn’t rise to the level of arrest and incarceration.

    I also said that the TSA really needs to hire people intelligent enough to know that there is oil in peanut butter and that it is common for said oil to separate.

    Hannibal needs to file a claim for his lost peanut butter as did Stephanie Lambert.

    • He didn’t lose the peanut butter. The idiot cops, taking their cue from the idiot TSA agents, confiscated it. Kept it locked up, no doubt, in a Super Secret Anti-Terrorist Bomb-Proof Safe. They returned it to him when they let him out of jail. Amazing that they didn’t eat it, which is what the TSA would’ve done and what they usually do with the food they steal.

      • Susan Richart

        The cops took it? I never read that. I can’t believe that the TSA allowed such a threatening item to leave their hands!

        • Read the NY Daily News story; link in the post.

          • Susan Richart

            OK, I had read another article that didn’t make mention of that.

  • WhereAboutsUnknown

    The problem with so many Americans, especially the type making the comments in the New York Daily and elsewhere, is that they have become ignorant and domesticated. Our society has been socially engineered for decades. Too many sheep. Not enough independent thinkers and individualists; you’re considered suspect if you are, even terrorist material. The situation appears hopeless. The truth is hard to find except for alternative independent information sources like tsanewsblog, and so many others, yet, so far it’s not enough. The juggernaut of government and the corporatocracy is relentless and has a momentum hard to push back the ignorance out there, and getting worse, through America’s education (prison) system, dumbing down the upcoming generations further, just enough to put them into the system as workers for the power elite. The TSA is an exhibit of what can be done with people barely intelligent enough to do the work and stupid enough not to question what they are required to do.

    • Susan Richart

      How many of those people who commented ever fly anyplace?

  • Daisiemae

    Those comments are mind boggling. I can’t believe how many of these morons think it is a great thing to lock someone up for “shooting his mouth off.”

    I never thought I would live in a country where that was possible. Law abiding American citizens who are not committing any crime can be locked up for something they say. And a huge number of people applaud that action. Blows. My. Mind.

    I feel like it’s time for George Carlin to come back from the great beyond. I can picture him standing in the middle of Newark airport (or Miami or LAX or Phoenix) rattling off the “Seven Words You Can’t Say in the Airport.”

    Except this time around, he’d be arrested by the TSA Gestapo. And the audience of sheeple would be booing George Carlin while applauding the TSA Gestapo until their hands were bleeding.

    Man! The times they are a changing!

  • WTF happened to the ETD testing then? Remember, when there are false positives (well, always….) on the illegal scanners they “swab” people. Why the F not swab him?

    I personally believe the searches are now beyond administrative searches and are really illegal 4th-amendment searches. There is no more “administrative” in a process which is capricious (that means arbitrary) in its administration. Some people based on how old they look avoid scanners sometimes, other people based on how they are dressed get groped (with a pregnant woman reporting her molestation twice now even though she didn’t alarm a metal detector), those with medical conditions are profiled, etc.

    It is insane.

    • The fourth amendment is very clear as to what is required for someone or something to be searched. The authorities must have a warrant, it must be based on probable cause, it must be supported by oath or affirmation, and it must “particularly” describe the place to be searched and the persons or things to be seized.

      The TSA fails on every count, and therefore their searches are completely illegal. The concept of “administrative” searches does not exist in the Constitution. It was invented by the courts in 1967 to give the authorities a free pass to violate people’s rights. Since that time the fourth amendment has been watered down to the point where we have absolutely no recourse against warrantless searches imposed as a condition of travel.

      It’s high time for this trend to be reversed.

  • Susan Richart

    Well, I commented, so where is it?

    • Daisiemae

      Oops! I accidentally checked thumbs down. Sorry.