Kansas joins list of states trying to rein in the TSA

Kansas is joining a list of states that are trying to curb the abuses and crimes of the TSA, since it’s apparent that Congress isn’t going to do it.

Kansas State Representative Brett Hildabrand and 20 of his colleagues have introduced legislation that would make it illegal for the TSA to do what’s already illegal if anyone else does it — paw your genitals without your permission.

It is, frankly, insane that we even have to be talking about this. It should be a Monty Python skit. But this country has lost its collective mind, so it’s not a Monty Python skit; it’s reality.

At least 11 other states have tried to do what Rep. Hildabrand is doing.

“Air travelers are subjected to aggressive, humiliating pat-downs, many of which would land the average stranger off the street in jail,” the Shawnee Republican said.

“But because the federal government has given someone a blue uniform and a badge, we are told that person has authority over our bodies and we must endure.”

Unfortunately, many Americans think of themselves as criminals and think they should be treated as such. They don’t trust their fellow passengers, or themselves, apparently, to board a plane without being physically assaulted first. I know this because they’ve told me. They even think their children can’t be trusted to board a plane without being groped.

How sad that this is the kind of country we live in.