On protecting children

I am re-posting something one of our writers posted here last year, because it’s important and because not everyone, obviously, reads everything all the time. The things we talk about need to be reinforced, the points we make need to be repeated, again and again. We have new readers all the time. It’s impossible for them to go back through the hundreds of archived posts, no matter how assiduous they are. So here is Richard Walbaum’s post from April 2, 2012: Why you must protect your children from TSA groping

  • Gordon Barlow

    In November 2010 (over two years ago, for God’s sake!) I posted on my personal blog an item called “1984 Revisited – towards an American Police State”, about the TSA’s danger to young children. I vowed then that I would never let my young granddaughters be groomed by the pedophiles of the TSA, and that they would never be allowed to travel here to my Caribbean home from their European home via the USA, as long as the TSA maintained its practice of groping and fondling. Now, these two years later, nothing has changed. What an utterly appalling indictment of the US government’s standards of behavior towards children below the age of sexual consent. As LeeAnne Clark said, it’s truly sickening.

    • Mr. Barlow, you’re right. Some of us here have also been writing about this for years, at other places on the web, before TSA News Blog was born. And we’ve gotten the same responses: either a collective shrug of the shoulders, or outright derision. Indeed nothing has changed.

      Millions of people don’t want to believe what’s going on. They’re in denial, and willfully so. And those who do know what’s going on apparently want to believe, “It won’t happen to me. It won’t happen to my children. It’ll happen to somebody else.” Which in itself is damning.

  • LeeAnneClark

    Thank you for reposting this. It’s an important message…which is ever more apparent after the horrific comments we saw on this blog under the article about the 3-yr-old in a wheelchair.

    What that comment thread showed us is that many parents out there still believe what the TSA is doing to their children is GOOD for them…that it keeps them safe! When the facts prove that what they are doing not only adds nothing to their safety, but puts them in real danger. Children are far more in jeopardy of being harmed by these abusive, intrusive and perverted screenings than they are of being harmed by a terrorist.

    And yet parents keep handing their precious babies over to the abusive goons and saying, “have at ’em. Feel away, and thank you.”

    It’s truly sickening.