TSA air marshal arrested for robbery

From Wired magazine:

TSA Air Marshal Arrested in Mugging of Boston Occupier

What was a TSA air marshal doing at an Occupy camp at 3:40 on a Saturday morning, just an hour before protestors were evicted by Boston police?

Stealing the iPhone of one of the camp’s prominent voices, then slapping her, apparently.

TSA air marshal Adam Marshall was arrested by the Boston police department at 3:50 a.m. on Dec. 10 after he allegedly argued with members of Occupy, called some of them prostitutes, struck one of Occupy’s organizers and main tweeters in the face, grabbed her iPhone, and then fled.

Marshall was pursued by some 25 occupiers, according to witnesses, ditching the phone as he ran, and then was arrested by Boston police who were preparing to evict the camp.

Apparently he first accosted several women from the occupation in a nearby hotel lobby, then showed up later at the encampment. Shouldn’t an employee of the Department of Homeland Security (which oversees the  TSA) be a bit more, uh, savvy about winning people over if he wants to spy on them?

“When he was getting into the (police) car he alternated between saying ‘I’m a UMass (University of Massachusetts) student!’ and ‘I’m a federal agent!’,” Jacks said, adding she thought it sounded hilarious at the time. Many of the occupiers, and possibly a few police, laughed at Marshall’s assertion.

The occupiers’ assertions are backed up by the police report (page 1 here) obtained by Wired . . .

Meanwhile, the TSA declines to comment, even though the woman whom Marshal Marshall (yes, I couldn’t resist) slapped had an in-person interview with representatives of DHS:

Jacks said she received a phone call last week from an internal investigator for the Department of Homeland Security confirming that Marshall was being investigated for his arrest by his employer – the TSA. Jacks said she visited an internal affairs officer Wednesday at their office in Boston, accompanied by an ACLU attorney, and told her story.

“They were specifically with the TSA, which is obviously what an air marshal is covered under,” said Jacks. She described the interview as pleasant, and said they told her story was in line with what they’d seen after reviewing surveillance video of area of the occupy from that night.

Marshall’s LinkedIn profile indicates he works for Homeland Security, but he did not respond to a message through LinkedIn seeking comment.

The TSA would not confirm to Wired Marshall’s employment status or his role within the Federal Air Marshal Service . . . .

But hey, don’t worry — these are the people keeping you safe!