Eric Clapton also can’t stand the TSA

Eric Clapton by rolando m
The great blues guitarist and singer Eric Clapton is also fed up with the TSA.

As he tells Rolling Stone in a recent interview:

“The bit onstage, that’s easy. If I could do that around my neighborhood, that would be great. You have guys in Texas that play their circuit, and it keeps them alive. But for me, the struggle is the travel. And the only way you can beat that is by throwing so much money at it that you make a loss. So the idea is I’m taking a leaf out of JJ [Cale]’s book: When I’m 70, I’ll stop. I won’t stop playing or doing one-offs, but I’ll stop touring, I think.” Like many of us, EC also dislikes the hassles of dealing with airport officials: “And security. I never get it right. I forget to take off my belt, or I have change in my pocket. Next thing I know, ‘Can you come over here please?’ I just don’t want to do that anymore.” 

Sing it, Eric.

(Photo: rolando.m/Flickr Creative Commons)

  • get ’em tiger!

  • CelticWhisper

    See the problem is that TSA keeps giving him alibis. All these untrue stories they’re trying to justify.

    TSA, if you’re listening to this…don’t give him no alibis. Just another reason for another lie.

  • He don’t lie, He don’t lie, He don’t lie…