TSA botches background checks

Last May, TSA News writer Bill Fisher reported on the TSA’s backlog of background checks at Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson Airport.

The post was titled “TSA incompetence at nation’s busiest airport.”

Well, now comes word that lots of people are floating around behind the scenes, in the so-called sterile areas of airports, without background checks.

So again, as we keep pointing out, while the TSA is busy sticking its hands down your pants, terrorizing children in wheelchairs, and robbing you blind, it’s letting all kinds of people, including those with criminal records, roam around freely.

From Homeland Security Today:

“As a result, airports nationwide experienced difficulties causing a backlog of background checks. To address the backlog, TSA temporarily allowed airports to issue badges without the required background checks,” the report stated. “Consequently, according to records available for our review, at least five airports granted badges to individuals with criminal records, giving them access to secured airport areas. TSA did not track which airports temporarily issued badges to individuals without the required background checks.

“Therefore, some individuals with criminal records may still have access to secured areas in our nation’s airports,” the report warned.

Sheesh. How can $8 billion a year possibly be enough? You just can’t please some people.

  • Shwack

    AAAE does the automated ‘channeling’ of the background checks to TSA for FBI checks. It was their software that failed.

  • Shwack

    This was not a TSA problem. AAAE was responsible for adjusting their software to TSA requirements when given plenty of notice and they did not. It was their negligence, TSA just gets an undeserved black eye.

    • TSAisTerrorism

      Oh, boo hoo, poor TSA. They’re so beat up and disrespected.

      I’d say there’s good reason for that.

  • NotaSheep

    Plane, not Planet.

    • Daisiemae

      You must be using an iPad. It’s incredible the substitutions it makes. I have to read and re-read any post I make a dozen times for the weird things it changes.

  • NotaSheep

    Sigh. Whenever anyone I know brings up their support of the TSA, I bring things like this up.
    Personally, if there is another terrorist incident involving an airline I highly suspect it will involve someone either infiltrating the TSA or bribing/blackmailing a screener. Think about it: let’s say someone with a bad criminal history obtains a job as a screener, then someone could blackmail the screener (“Want to keep your job? Then let me and my friends through”).
    This is really dangerous. Much more dangerous than letting a passenger take their peanut butter on a planet.

    • NotaSheep, you’re right. But as you know, it’s not about security, it’s about security theater. It’s about giving credulous people the feeling that Something Is Being Done. So no amount of logic or cold hard facts are going to penetrate. We here have learned that the hard way, over years of presenting logic and cold hard facts.

  • Susan Richart

    Wasting our money!

    • Susan Richart

      This should have been a reply to RonBonner. 🙁

  • RonBonner

    Can anyone point out a single thing that TSA has done well?

    • Daisiemae

      TSA has done an excellent job of terrifying toddlers!