TSA thugs miss another one — undercover agent with fake bomb in his pants

They’re always there to cup your genitals — because the TSA’s unskilled workers violating your body and your rights aren’t about security. They’re about jobs for people who’d otherwise be out of work, money for the connected Chertoffs of the world, and training you to be obedient when your rights are yanked from you.

The New York Post’s Philip Messing writes:

The undercover TSA agent who got past Newark Airport screeners with an improvised explosive device in his pants exposed a stunning lack of security that the agency had better fix before al Qaeda strikes again, Rep. Peter King warned yesterday.

The Long Island Republican wrote a scathing letter to Transportation Security Administration boss John Pistole demanding “immediate answers” about how the fed was able to get past a magnetometer and a secondary pat-down with the inert device, which he then could have brought onto a commercial flight.

The chairman of the Homeland Security Subcommittee on Counterterrorism and Intelligence called the Feb. 25 breach — which was reported yesterday exclusively by The Post — “yet another in a long line of security failures discovered at Newark.”

The entire TSA is one huge “security failure,” with thieves, pedophiles, and murderers as employees (police thyself?!), and as a matter of principle.

As I’ve said before, it’s simply ludicrous to think it is “security” to treat every member of the flying public, even if they’re three years old and in a wheelchair, as if they’re a plausible member of al Qaeda. It’s ludicrous to have unskilled workers performing “security” as people board planes, when in fact you find terrorists by having highly skilled intelligence workers use what the Constitution sets out — probable cause (reasonable suspicion somebody has committed or will commit a crime) — to investigate perps long before they ever enter an airport, mall, or other public arena.

(Graphic courtesy of Natural News.com)

  • FACT#1: and “Risk Driven, Intelligent Layer of Screening”: There have been ZERO suicidal airline passengers with working NON-METALLIC BOMBS on US Domestic flights which have caused any fatalities – for OVER 50 YEARS.

    For FIVE FRIGGIN’ DECADES, airline passengers have not been a problem.

    We should eliminate scanners and patdowns for primary screening of passengers.

    FACT#2: Given the PROVEN theft and smuggling rings in airports by TSA workers, we should instead perform searches on all TSA employees who enter the sterile side of the airport. In other words, IT IS FACTUALLY PROVEN that TSA workers have had more incidents of breached security in the LAST 2 YEARS than passengers over the last 5 DECADES.

    The TSA is proven more susceptible to bringing IEDs or bombs into airports BY FAR, and they represent a higher risk than passengers when it comes to using scanners and pat downs.

    • TSAisTerrorism

      And just to add to that (and it’s essentially what you’re saying):

      The greatest threat is ALWAYS the inside threat. That’s why in retail employees’ bags are checked before they leave the store. Every.Single.Time. And in casinos they are not allowed bags on the floor or in the cages, and women must carry C L E A R bags. That’s true risk-based assessment.

      You want to eliminate the threat of a bomb getting on a plane? Double and triple screen the people that TSA is not screening today – the TSA.

    • Dolt

      Well, sure, but do all of these logical facts, common sense and completely reasonable ideas make anyone FEEL safer? I mean, 9/11 happened once don’t you know??