TSA News is an independent blog that covers the Transportation Security Administration.

It was created by journalist and consumer advocate Christopher Elliott. Fellow journalist Lisa Simeone writes for and edits the blog. Posts are also written by a group of contributors that includes a statistical analyst, Bill Fisher, and a mathematician, Sommer Gentry. Other contributors are (or have been) Amy Alkon, Chris Bray, Wendy Thomson, Deborah Newell Tornello, Phil Weber, Ari Ofsevit, Deborah Pierce, Charlie Leocha, Richard Walbaum, Karen Cummings, and Jeremy Thompson. We are all unpaid volunteers. We do this because we think it’s important.

TSA News Blog is not associated with the TSA.

We are dedicated to writing about the agency with fairness and accuracy, employing logic, risk assessment, statistical analysis, and empirical evidence (also sarcasm and humor!). Please email us with your news tips and suggestions.