Week 5.  Click on the image to enlarge it:

Hopefully Eric is pulling their leg.
Knowing @AskTSA, they believe Eric is serious. I think he’s pulling their leg.
Until he's stuck in a standard screening lane
PreCheck is good until you’re standing in a standard screening lane for 45 mintues because PreCheck is closed.
This guy has hit the nail on the head.
This guy has hit the nail on the head. It’s all part of Neffenger’s plan to get every single person who gets on an airplane “fully vetted.”
No response to a simple question
@AskTSA never did respond to her question. Seems they just can’t state anything simply and clearly.
Hands up those who believe AskTSA shared any concerns. This passenger isn't buying it.
Hands up those who believe @AskTSA ever shares any concerns with their “teams.” This passenger called them out. Good for him!
AskTSA shared again
They shared again and still things haven’t improved.
Another fine example of the robots' at AskTSA inability to read and understand
Another fine example of the inability of the robots at AskTSA to read and understand a question. SMH


Calling Admiral Neffenger
Calling Peter Neffenger! Calling Peter Neffenger!












Week 4 Pearls of Wisdom from @AskTSA:

robots 2
Robot, part 2
sold my soul
This woman is beginning to see the light about PreCheck.
Wasted money on PreCheck
Another who realizes he has been taken by PreCheck.
Turning the faucet
Full response from Tweeter: “no. You just turn the faucet one way or another. There is not certain people admitted one way or another entire airport is the same”
terrorist planning
Do these contractors at AskTSA really believe what they write? “terrorist planning” – really?
No, TSA wouldn't scam anyone
Read TSA’s response and weep. SMH really hard.
Explosive crayons.png
Guess screeners were trying to meet their quota of ETDs for the day so they picked kids’ crayons.
Bet they were looking for drugs
TSA looking for drugs again?
AskTSA says Pre not available at Myrtle Beach
What can be said about this one? Nothing, simply nothing.









This week’s gems from @AskTSA, we’ll begin with this gem (click to enlarge any photo):

Ridiculous idea!
Why @AskTSA even published this is beyond me. Would you give personal information to a screener wandering around the airport with an iPad?


thousands standing around
Thousands Standing Around
One airport is being proactive; now all of them need to get on board and speak up against the TSA.
See how long you'd stand there
Yeah, like “sharing” this info with the “team” at ORD will bring about any change!
refuse to answer question
Why won’t @AskTSA answer this person honestly and tell her that she will be patted down if she alarms the WTMD?
Prove disability
Another rogue screener in action.
No English
This happens far too often.
Missed flight
Over 100,000 passengers missed their flights in March due to TSA slowdown.
Dollars to donuts that @AskTSA never followed up or if they did, nothing came of it.
badge cover up
Typical behavior on the part of screeners. If they are doing nothing wrong, why hide a name?


all aspects of security
@AskTSA handles “all aspects of security” at all our airports? No wonder it’s such a mess.



breast milk
Update: Stacey Armato all over again? ! PHX should know better

This week’s update.  Click on an image to enlarge it.

A fine example of AskTSA’s problems with reading comprehension.


Does AskTSA look for “key words” in questions and then respond to those words or do they actually read the questions asked?
“Interpretation may vary?” That’s putting it mildly.
I wonder if those who write this drivel believe it.
Again, it’s obvious that the people at AskTSA don’t read the Tweets to which they are replying. This one should have gone into the nutcase bin.
Paranoia reigns. Then again, DHS asked for this kind of nonsense when it signed onto “see something, say something.”


How many other items of contraband get through everyday? The weekly TSA Blog ticker doesn’t show a great increase in the numbers of guns found.


Those who read the Checkpoint and Borders Policy Debate forum at FlyerTalk, Checkpoints forum, know that there is a poster there who provides a weekly link to the TSA Blog’s “Week in Review.”

Unlike the TSA Blog, the TSA’s Twitter site, @AskTSA provides a wealth of information on a daily basis. I thought it might be productive to provide a weekly update of some of the more interesting comments, such as this from a cancer survivor who has apparently yet again been humiliated by the TSA (click on any image to enlarge it):


Here’s a link to Lori Dorn’s blog about her first experience at the hands of the TSA:

Lori Dorn


About PreCheck:


AskTSA’s reponse:


This is the TSA’s standard response to complaints about lack of PreCheck lanes:



And then there’s this:


I thought the purpose of @AskTSA was to respond to passengers’ questions, not for the TSA to pat itself on the back.