The TSA Losers Stole His Belt Buckle — For “Safety”

TSA News readers will be well familiar with the following scenario. Sean W. Malone writes at Logicology that the TSA at LAX took his favorite belt buckle because they claimed it was a "replica" of a gun.  Photo at link: What kind of a gun, you might ask? A 1950s Flash Gordon-style RAYGUN!! A fictional weapon. A child's more »

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Dumb: Southwest Airlines Stowaway Ordered To Stay Away From LAX

This is completely stupid.  This woman is doing us all a favor showing us how utterly porous and pretend the TSA's "security" is by sneaking through again and again. A woman who stowed away on a Southwest Airlines flight from San Jose to Los Angeles and was ordered to stay away from LAX, only to be arrested more »

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From the “So What?” Department, TSA Division

In yet another show of pretend security provided by the TSA, they arrested a man at DTW (Detroit Metro Airport) who had a knife hidden in his shoe.  His motivation? Just guessing, but avoiding the fee for checking a bag. Or maybe he wanted to feel like James Bond. Or maybe he wanted to see if more »

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TSA clerk doesn’t recognize DC driver’s license

TSA Worker: But D.C. Isn't A State! (or You Shouldn't Miss Your Plane Because The TSA Hires The Clueless) But that's what might've happened to a woman with a District of Columbia license -- you know, from our nation's capital. They issue licenses same as all the states -- with a driver's test and requiring proof more »

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TSA nitwittery, media hype in Anchorage

Psst, Homeland Security Honchos: The thing to do is to find actual terrorists, not to find oil field workers' on-the-job items and call them bombs. There's a story out today with a highly misleading headline: "Explosive found in carry-on bag at Anchorage airport." Steve Quinn of Reuters writes about the "possible threat item" detected as a more »

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How to catch a terrorist — and no, it doesn’t involve groping

A man was arrested this morning for allegedly planning to bomb the Wichita airport. At the Wichita Eagle, Tim Potter writes: A Wichita man has been charged in federal court with attempting to explode a car bomb at Wichita MC Airport, U.S. Attorney Barry Grissom. Terry Lee Loewen, 58, of Wichita, is charged in a criminal complaint more »

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TSA redecorates — in pink

The TSA Redecorates -- In Pink! (How To Have Your Rights And Your Genitals Violated In More Comfortable And Pleasing Surroundings) It only seems like a post from The Onion. It's actually a post on, by Seth Miller: "TSA to Design Calm, Stress-Free Checkpoints." Of course, the way you "design" these is by letting me go more »


Gasp! “Potentially Lethal” Swiss Army Knives Taken On Flight

Let's get real. You can kill somebody with a pencil, your bandana, or perhaps your glare (if their brats on the plane are under-parented enough). There's a bit of hysteria (in the Daily Mail, that is -- so there's that) about "major security claims" being raised after -- gasp! -- a "reporter boarded a British Airways more »

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