Groped again, this time by TSA thug Jacqueline Tirre

At LAX on my way to the Evolutionary Psychology conference in Missouri, I was groped by TSA clerk Jacqueline Tirre (per her nametag). This was after she deliberately left my computer and possessions to sit there on the x-ray off-ramp, claiming the TSA didn’t have the personnel to get it.

TSA thug Jacqueline Tirre was manning the gate to the metal detector (which, by the way, the morons didn’t send me through), and was the one to search me — after standing there and ignoring my calls for a supervisor.

Other TSA thugs similarly ignored my calls for a supervisor and for someone to watch my possessions. So my stuff was just sitting out there, where it could’ve been stolen or, say, my computer knocked off the belt by all the travelers coming through. I was told to stand to the side waiting for Queen Thug to decide she’d take a grope break and feel me up.

This is a standard intimidation move for anyone who opts out of the scanner. We’ve had plenty of testimony by other travelers of the same thing, and yet more testimony, even going back years, before the gropes were implemented. It’s one of the many ways the TSA tries to punish people who opt out or who are perceived as not being deferential enough.

I bent over, jailhouse-search-style, and Tirre, a squat little middle-aged white woman with oddly applied lipstick (beyond the parameters of her lips), ordered me to not bend over like that.

Let’s be clear: this little turd of a woman earns money for violating the bodies and rights of American citizens and other travelers who have given no reason for anyone to believe they are doing anything criminal.

And as I’ve posted here before, anyone who is smart enough to make it in this blog’s comments section is smart enough to figure out how to get something onto a plane without going through the TSA gropefest.

As Tirre — disgustingly — touched my hair (as if I could hide C4 in hair pulled tight to my head), felt in my waistband, and grazed my labia — the fellow pictured above stood guard.

What did he think I was going to do, make a break for it? Run for my gate? Or is it that he just likes to watch women being forcibly felt up?

This scumbag earns money, as does Jacqueline Tirre, for violating my body and my Fourth Amendment rights in a meaningless pretense of security — one that really is obedience training for the American public, so we’ll be docile as our rights are yanked from us.

Again, the way you stop terrorism is through probable cause-based policing, using highly trained intelligence officers, long before anyone gets to the airport. It is not by giving a bunch of people faux cop costumes, encouraging them to go on a power trip, and allowing them to harass and assault passengers.

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(Photo by Amy Alkon)

Violated at the Airport by TSA Thug Sharonda Juana Walker (not sure on spelling of “Sharonda”)

I’m calling on everyone to name the name of the TSA thug who violates your body and right to probable cause (as a reason for search).

There’s not an ounce of probable cause to search me at the airport — as I was today at LAX. To violate my body. To touch my breasts. To grope my hair. To have the blue latex-gloved hand of Sharonda Juana Walker feel inside my turtleneck.

And no, I don’t go through the scanners, and the metal detector line wasn’t an option at just before 7 a.m., when I got to the airport to leave for . . . no, not an ISIS meet-and-greet but an evolutionary psychology conference in Boston. Apparently, the sparse traffic at the airport at this hour leaves the TSA plenty of time to feel up travelers.

A NOTE: I’m not quite sure I got the spelling of “Sharonda” right because she first told me her name when she saw me looking at her nametag; but then when she was done pointlessly feeling me up, she refused to let me see her name or tell me it again.

Her “Walker” name bar pinned to her chest also said “Lead,” which I think means she’s in charge of something. Maybe she’s the head groper on the floor? And because I couldn’t take a photo of myself and her as she was groping me, I’ll have to describe her: she’s a big, tall, overweight black woman with odd ice cream scoops of hair billowing on her head.

Yes, the jobs program (and the payout program to the connected entitled like Michael Chertoff), aka the TSA, continues to grope citizens at the airport, sans probable cause.

The notion that anyone who has to work for the TSA to earn a living — basically repurposed mall food court clerks, if that — could catch a terrorist with an IQ over the highway speed limit is absurd.

The reality is, anyone smart enough to survive in this blog comments section could figure out a way to get an explosive device into the airport and onto a plane.

And the sad reality is, the TSA continues because so many Americans go through without complaint — as their bodies and rights are violated in a pointless exercise, making a mockery of our constitutional right to probable cause: reasonable suspicion we’ve committed a crime before we are searched.

The despicable Sharona Juana Walker’s comment to me as she was groping my body: “You can always take the bus.”

Showing how ignorant she is. She doesn’t even know that the very agency she is a “lead” for detains and searches Americans without probable cause at bus stations, train stations, ferries, and highways. We’ve written about this fact many times at TSA News.

The tone of the “bus!” comment reinforces my suspicion that some of the TSA workers love groping people who get to fly places — as a sort of revenge against them for their ability to travel and to afford travel, and as a way to have power over people they normally would have no contact with.

“Have an awesome flight!” she yelled to me.

Prostitution is a far more noble profession than working as a TSA thug. Not that I have a problem with prostitution. But to earn money for providing a service to a consenting adult is a moral thing to do, while to earn money to violate the bodies and constitutional rights of your fellow citizens is something that every TSA thug needs to be called on — and vocally shamed for.

And a note on that: when you go through the TSA line and you are violated, name names. On blogs, on Facebook, on Twitter; anywhere you can.

It is reprehensible to violate the bodies and right to probable cause of fellow Americans for money, and anyone who does that should be called out for that.

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Editor’s Note: You can read what the PR flacks at the official TSA Blog said the last time Amy Alkon wrote about her airport experience. Our tax dollars at work. Do read some of the 192 comments, where readers metaphorically beat the stuffing out of Blogger Bob.

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