Another GAO report on TSA incompetence and abuse

The recent GAO report on the TSA criticizes the alarming level of misconduct and mismanagement within the agency. The report spawned a series of articles citing the failure of TSA management to reprimand abusive screeners. Many of those articles touched on some of the more publicized thefts while ignoring the depth and breadth of the abuses. Notably, more »


TSA’s theft problem: money, iPads, meds, lies, and blurry videotape

More than a year after elderly travelers Omer Petti and Madge Woodward claimed that TSA screeners stole $300 from them during the course of what they described as “extreme pat-downs” at the San Diego International Airport, it appears that the TSA has reimbursed Mr. Petti. The agency continues to deny culpability, claiming the surveillance video was too blurry for them to be able more »

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TSA’s Pre-Check is a bust

The TSA recently announced that its Pre-Check program has expanded to five additional airports, bringing the total participation locations to 40 airports. While the TSA is celebrating this expansion, it's ignoring the fact that Pre-Check is grossly inefficient and is actually imposing a burden on ordinary travelers. Pre-Check is a program that sometimes grants members expedited screening. more »


TSA disrespects paraplegic Marine — again

As we reported here the other day, a wounded Marine wrote to his Congressman after being humiliated by the TSA at Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport. According to the AZ Family report, Phoenix TSA Assistant Screening Director Jeff Perez showed video of the incident to a 3TV crew. Perez says no footage is available showing the area more »


Napolitano called out on lie about TSA lines

The New York Post has taken aim at DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano over her tall tale about fictitious delays at LAX and O’Hare supposedly brought on by the sequester. In this case the writer is not just another “phone it in” pseudo-journalist, but activist and author Becky Akers, who has written extensively on the TSA more »


TSA still harassing children

Many readers reacted to the recent story of the crying three-year-old girl in a wheelchair who was searched and harassed by the TSA at Lambert-St. Louis International Airport (after she had already successfully cleared the checkpoint) as though this were an uncommon incident. It should probably come as no surprise that in today’s 24/7 news cycle relatively recent more »


TSA timeline, and the scanner saga continues

The news that the TSA and OSI, maker of the Rapiscan x-ray nude scanners, have reached an agreement to terminate the scanner contract has been widely reported. The contract is ending because of OSI's inability to meet the privacy requirement mandated by Congress -- even though the deadline to meet that requirement had been extended by more »


TSA: No amount is too small to steal

To start the first week of the New Year, we learned of yet another TSA screener theft. This time a Charlotte TSA worker, Reggie Edwards, 52, was charged with larceny under $50 after allegedly stealing $36 from a passenger's suitcase on New Year's Day. On Monday the TSA responded via Blogger Bob Burns, saying: “Regardless of how little, no amount more »


TSA’s exemption shell game

In a recent interview, TSA Administrator John Pistole acknowledged that his agency has been less than embraced by the public, and he again promised, as he has for two years now, to focus on improving passengers' experience with TSA screening. In that interview Pistole said that it has become an adversarial relationship, “so what we're trying more »


Why are there so many TSA puff stories?

On any given day there will usually be several articles about the TSA in the media. This is typically a mix of stories on yet another arrested TSA screener or press releases fed to lazy reporters by the TSA announcing that they found a lighter in the shape of a hand grenade and protected America more »