“I wish you had taken a less confrontational view of the TSA”

I should have seen this one coming. Now that the TSA agent who was tragically killed by a lunatic gunman at LAX has been elevated to hero status, readers are wondering if the TSA's critics -- and specifically this site -- might have had something to do with this senseless shooting. Yesterday, I received the following email. ...read more »


Is the TSA using scripts to push us through its full body scanners?

Roberta Ling is a 73-year-old woman from Austin, Texas. Statistically, she's likelier to be the next Miss America than a terrorist. But that doesn't stop the TSA from harassing her whenever she flies. Ling expects it. She has an artificial breast prosthesis, and is forced to make a difficult choice between a full-body scan and an ...read more »


Tagged as a troublemaker by the TSA

Think the TSA operates above the law, with virtually no accountability to the public? Then Vadim Rapp’s story won’t surprise you. The rest of you, who think the TSA is just trying to protect the traveling public from an imminent terrorist threat -- well, I’ll just let Rapp tell his story and then let you decide ...read more »


How to tell the TSA how to do its job – and how to get it to listen

If you're afraid a TSA agent might bungle your screening when you fly somewhere this summer, maybe you should do what John Klapproth did when he was traveling from Seattle to Anchorage recently. Like many air travelers, Klapproth declined to use the TSA's full-body scanner, and was sent to a holding area for an "enhanced" pat-down. "I ...read more »

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Is anyone really listening to your TSA complaints?

With only a few weeks left to leave your comments about the TSA's controversial passenger screening methods, here's a question worth asking: Is anyone listening? If you said, "not really," then maybe you know Theresa Putkey, a consultant from Vancouver. She had a run-in with a TSA agent recently after trying to opt out of a ...read more »


Third-party background checks + TSA = big trouble?

Private security firms are licking their chops over a potentially high-dollar government contract to conduct background checks on thousands of frequent fliers. Our friends at Politico report The Chertoff Group and Clear are jostling for the privilege of prescreening America's air travelers. The TSA is said to be exploring the idea of putting a third party in ...read more »


Summer road hazards your government won’t warn you about

With the frenetic summer travel season just around the corner, here's a little warning about a road hazard you might not expect: a checkpoint staffed by Transportation Security Administration workers. The so-called VIPR teams (shorthand for Visible Intermodal Prevention and Response) are special TSA units that search — and sometimes detain — travelers at bus terminals, ...read more »


Advocacy groups continue tilting at the TSA’s windmills

Advocacy groups are renewing their push to keep small knives off planes, and the TSA couldn't be happier about it. Yesterday, nine groups threatened to sue the TSA to keep it from changing its policy, which was delayed from being implemented during the sequester-related furloughs. The organizations, including representatives for TSA officers and air marshals, filed a ...read more »


Who’s afraid of the TSA?

Today's tale of TSA inefficiency comes from the Atlantic Avenue subway station in Brooklyn, NY. "This station has at least six entrances," says Jeff, one of my readers who witnessed the spectacle. "But the TSA was only set up at one of the two that I saw. If someone was up to no good they would ...read more »