Derailment Bingo: TSA Abuse Edition

Have you noticed that comment board trolls are, well, repetitive and boring as they try to derail conversations about the abuse that TSA metes out to its victims? The next time you have to wade through a comment section full of TSA cheerleaders trying to score points by shouting “9/11” in response to the latest child molestation video or strip-search outrage, take along our handy bingo board!  Continue reading “Derailment Bingo: TSA Abuse Edition”

John Pistole defends indefensible behavior detection scam, makes threats

VoodooJokerByDave Gough
TSA Administrator John Pistole was called on the carpet again this week by the House Homeland Security’s Subcommittee on Transportation Security, this time over the agency’s squandering of nearly one billion dollars on its ineffective behavior detection program. After Pistole suggested that the program was affordable at 50 cents per passenger screened, Rep. Mark Sanford replied, “Or you could say it in the reverse. You could say a billion dollars with no result.” Continue reading “John Pistole defends indefensible behavior detection scam, makes threats”

TSA screener slut-shames 15-year-old girl

Mark Fraunfelder’s 15-year-old daughter was at LAX yesterday, trying to board a flight with a group of other students on a trip to visit some colleges. Unfortunately, the U.S. government had decided ahead of time to hire tens of thousands of strangers to intimidate and abuse her (and others) as they blocked the girl’s safe passage to her airplane. Continue reading “TSA screener slut-shames 15-year-old girl”

No, TSA, we do not all have the same parts

Charles Fettinger
Tristan Higgins details in the Huffington Post how she was made to suffer for failing to conform to a TSA screener’s gender stereotypes. Tristan says, “I stepped out and waited in that spot where we all wait while some anonymous stranger decides whether we are a threat, whether our body scan matches up with expectations. Well, it turned out that mine did not.” Continue reading “No, TSA, we do not all have the same parts”

Some (solicited!) technology and engineering advice for the TSA

I was pleased recently to receive an email from Russell Wooten, the IT Strategy Branch Chief of the TSA. His email reached me through my membership in the Maryland chapter of the Institute for Operations Research and Management Sciences (INFORMS). For the uninitiated, operations research is the discipline of applying advanced analytical techniques to help make better decisions. Mr. Wooten was soliciting input on these questions: Continue reading “Some (solicited!) technology and engineering advice for the TSA”