Tales from the Resistance

This is not directly related to the TSA, but it is about the growing presence of security searches. It's about my latest stand at demanding autonomy over my physical person. And it has to do with a local district courthouse.  Last time I visited a courthouse (2013) I was inappropriately (in my assessment) touched. A deputy ...read more »

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Court rules against Prof. Ruskai in TSA case

We have an update on a court challenge against the TSA.  On December 23, 2014, the First Circuit Court of Appeals ruled against plaintiff Professor Mary Beth Ruskai. We've covered this case before, but for ease of reading here's a brief synopsis: Prof. Ruskai has metal implanted replacement hips. She is a frequent traveler and a "Trusted Traveler, ...read more »

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Hate to say we told you so, but . . . .

I am co-founder of an oganization dedicated to regaining freedoms taken away by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). We're fighting against the illegal, warrantless strip-searches of travelers and the coerced, inappropriate physical touching of their bodies.  The organization is called Freedom to Travel USA (FTTUSA). At FTTUSA, we have a long-standing relationship with activist Jonathan Corbett, who was the first ...read more »

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TSA in damage control mode (yet again)

By now, I imagine most of you have read the Politico article written by Jason Edward Harrington, former TSA screener and humorous author of Taking Sense Away. Harrington's "coming out" article has received significant press -- enough to merit a TSA response. Of course, that response is predictable, eschewing what Harrington alleges and nauseatingly spouting the ...read more »

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Another lawsuit filed against the TSA

We at TSA News have written before about the particularly egregious violations perpetrated upon the disabled (or, more precisely, those who with the assistance of medical devices function quite well) by the TSA. (See here, here, and here.) A stalwart professor is now taking the TSA on in court. Dr. Mary Beth Ruskai has had enough. ...read more »

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Death by a thousand cuts – reprise

Last week I posted a letter I'd written to the Oakland County sheriff under the title "Death by a thousand cuts." Yesterday I received a call from a Lt. Perry, who supervises the errant officer who inappropriately touched me. He started out the conversation with quite the attitude, as in "she did nothing wrong, that's her ...read more »


Death by a thousand cuts

I am being tortured. Tortured not by coordinated design -- tortured by an uncoordinated and independent set of procedures that, taken together and individually, can be described as nothing less than the deliberate infliction of repeated and significant emotional distress. I have come to that distressing reality by pondering exactly why I get so upset ...read more »


DHS, TSA, NSA, and paranoia

When the Verizon telephone record scandal broke, some programmers had a little heyday. One brought up a URL that automatically contacted anyone's senators and representatives, and submitted a FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) request to the NSA, all in one fell swoop. Being that I was feeling a bit prickly at that moment over our ever-encroaching ...read more »


Freedom to Travel USA – public comment on AIT machines

Response to TSA NPRM Document ID TSA-2013-0004-0001, Executive Summary The intent of this document is to provide Freedom To Travel USA’s public response to the TSA NPRM Document ID TSA-2013-0004-0001. The Notice of Public Rule Making was forced on the TSA by Court Order (http://epic.org/privacy/body_scanners/EPIC_v_DHS_Decision_07_15_11.pdf ) . Freedom To Travel USA (FTTUSA) has deep awareness and expertise about ...read more »


Nat’l Association of Airline Passengers public comment on AIT machines

STATEMENT OF INTEREST: The National Association of Airline Passengers is a non-profit membership association organized in 2010 to protect the rights of airline passengers, promote safety and security at airports, and encourage mutual respect between passengers, crew, and airport personnel. It performs research and advocates legislative and regulatory action. No publicly held entity owns an interest ...read more »

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