TSA turns the gloves on itself

Isn't it nice to know that you're not alone? That the sexual assault the TSA perpetrates against you and yours is also meted out to its own employees? Nilda C. Marugame, a TSA agent at Lihue Airport in Hawaii, is suing the Department of Homeland Security, TSA's parent agency, for sexual assault. She says she was ...read more »


TSA profiling? It’s been happening for a decade

The following commentary was written by Wendy Thomson of the advocacy group Freedom to Travel USA. The TSA is reportedly being taken to task by Rep. Bennie Thompson for the possibility of profiling by the TSA within the TSA's recently piloted SPOT program. News flash: The TSA has been profiling since its inception. What, you say? Oh, yes, ...read more »


How to travel with your rights intact during the holidays

Air travel in America--at any time of year--carries with it a certain amount of stress and worry no matter how well-prepared we are. During the holidays, however, airports are routinely more crowded and travelers more harried, with weather events causing flight delays and global events often leading to frequent changes in security procedures that are almost ...read more »


John Pistole’s Thanksgiving song and dance

TSA Administrator John Pistole has been busy giving interviews this week to trumpet his agency’s supposedly improved procedures and to tell us heartwarming stories about how he views his mission. The first interview appeared on CNN the day before Thanksgiving and has since been reprinted in other newspapers. The second was published yesterday in the Washington ...read more »


Mr. Pistole on the PR trail… again

The following commentary was written by Wendy Thomson of the advocacy group Freedom to Travel USA. In a recent series of interviews, TSA Administrator Pistole once again "reminds" us that those vast minions of "no-goodniks" are a clear and present danger. He also, once again, paints his agency as core anti-terrorist group "fulfilling a national security ...read more »


Something to be grateful for: Bikini Girl is back

Here's something to be grateful for on the American Thanksgiving holiday: Bikini Girl is back. Corinne Theile, dubbed Bikini Girl, made headlines last year when she stripped down to a bikini to protest the TSA's invasive new searches. British media reports she's making a comeback. Theile refuses to use the TSA's body scanners, which she believes are ...read more »


TSA expands beyond airport screening

You might think that the TSA operates only at airports. If so, you haven’t been keeping up. The TSA has its hands all over the country’s transportation systems, from trains to buses to subways to ferries to trucks. Its VIPR (Visible Intermodal Prevention and Response) program has been in operation since 2005. VIPR teams periodically descend on ...read more »


TSA agent, in uniform, charged with sexual assault

In Manassas, Virginia police have charged a TSA agent named Harold Glen Rodman, age 52, with sexual assault. According to the victim, she and a friend were walking in a residential neighborhood around 3 in the morning on November 20th when they were approached by an unknown man in a uniform. She said he flashed his badge at ...read more »


How to stand up to the TSA and say “no”

I was ejected from a Dulles (Washington, DC) airport checkpoint this week for refusing all of the following: an X-ray radiation dose, a short stint as a TSA porn star, and unwelcome sexual contact with a stranger. Since November 2010, I've been rearranging all of my travel to avoid the TSA's body scanners and "enhanced patdowns." ...read more »


TSA conducts explosive demonstration at Myrtle Beach

Hey, ever wonder what happens when you blow stuff up? Fear not. The fulfillment of your special effects fantasy is just around the corner. Or on the beach, as the case may be. The TSA has conducted an explosives demonstration at Myrtle Beach. Because what could be more fun than feeling the earth move under your ...read more »