Memo to TSA: videotaping your “officers” is not a crime

If you're the government and you're going to put on a show of keeping America secure, shouldn't you hire people who don't seem like serious candidates for the next Three Stooges? "Soooop! Soooop!" (That's the voice of one of the TSA goons you'll see on the video -- calling for his [clueless] supervisor...although I bet more »


The TSA’s little child pornography and predator problem

You don't have to be a parent to feel utterly nauseated upon reading stories like this one, the details of which were just posted at The Smoking Gun (charges--two counts of felony child porn -- were filed last month in a Maryland circuit court): As cops raided his Maryland home, a Transportation Security Administration screener confessed more »


TSA abuse has been going on for years – here’s my story

As I was reading an email string about tactics to get mainstream Americans aware of what the TSA is actually doing, it occurred to me that I have never told my entire story. So here goes. My saga starts when I was four years old and had my right leg amputated at the knee. Fast-forward to more »

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Did you get your Christmas card from Al-Qaeda?

Maybe it was the frosting, which a TSA agent tsk-tsked for being "too gel-like." Or maybe it was the sinister name of the company that baked it -- Wicked Good Cupcakes -- that made the federal agency charged with protecting America's transportation systems suspect the cupcake contained more than chocolatey holiday cheer. Whatever the reason, we more »


The TSA’s new FAST program is something to be furious about

The Department of Homeland Security, which oversees the TSA, and other agencies working within the Visible Intermodal Prevention and Response (VIPR) model, want to implement mobile mind-reading units everywhere. And by everywhere, I mean not just at airports (emphasis mine): The FAST program has now completed its first round of field tests on the public. According to DHS, one more »


Does the TSA really care about you?

It's hard to see "TSA" anywhere near the word "cares." But there you go. Venom boils up when I read about this latest TSA foil, called "TSA Cares." How thoughtful that the TSA will hire even more people whose entire job will be to tell you exactly what assault you should expect at the airport. I am more »


Is the TSA looking for the wrong stuff?

Every week, it seems, the TSA's Blogger Bob heralds another discovery of deadly weapons. The latest is a pair of Ninja daggers secreted in a book titled "Ninja: The Shadow Warrior." Last week, Blogger Bob touted TSA's discovery of a stun gun disguised as a cell phone. As Blogger Bob notes, TSA searchers also found more »


Bruce will now explain why the TSA is a $1 trillion failure

Those of us who’ve been writing about the TSA for a few years are well familiar with security expert Bruce Schneier. He and other people like him who actually study actual security using data, risk assessment, statistical analysis, and empirical evidence are a balm to our weary psyches, frayed and exhausted as they are from trying more »


American media won’t publish Amy Alkon’s story, but Pravda will

Author and civil liberties activist Amy Alkon poses an interesting question: Why Did I Have To Go To Pravda To Get My Op-Ed About TSA Rape Published? As you'll see if you read her column, she has been pitching an op-ed criticizing the TSA to the mainstream press for months now. No go. Nobody wanted it. Not the New more »


TSA uses carolers and canines to distract us from the truth this Christmas

Once again, TSA choristers are singing their respective hearts out at Los Angeles International Airport. You know, I love music. I studied voice for several years (the term is "classically trained"), and I've made some money at it over the years. I've sung from Venice to Florence, at Arlington, at the Chapel at Notre Dame, and more »