DHS Secretary Napolitano on TSA Screenings

"A lot of women are complaining about ... the way they're handled. Breast cancer survivors, specifically at Logan Airport, I should say repeatedly. People are writing to me, they're Tweeting. There's a whole social media concern about the way breast cancer survivors--those who have had replacement surgery--are handled by the TSA." -- MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell "I'm ...read more »

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Security or security theater?

The headline of this post comes from a Congressional grilling of the TSA held Monday, March 26th, in Washington. The hearing was led by Representative Darrell Issa, who chairs the Oversight and Government Reform Committee. Rep. Issa had requested Facebook comments before the hearing. He received about 350, and read some into the record. [Disclosure: my own ...read more »


TSA agents arrested at Dulles Airport

In November, I was barred from my flight at Dulles Airport for a double opt-out. I refused to go through a blue-box backscatter (x-ray) body scanner, and I refused to endure an intimate feel-up from a woman I didn’t know. The body scanners at Dulles have no privacy filter. Backscatter machines dose passengers with carcinogenic ...read more »


Woman exposed by TSA screener

A Florida woman, Jennifer Sisk, reports that her body was exposed by a TSA screener during a "pat-down" at Orlando Airport recently. Although she's been a frequent flier, Sisk says she was shocked at what happened that morning. Orlando airport (which hosts a large percentage of children because of Disneyworld's proximity) made news several times in ...read more »


Congressional hearing today on TSA

Rep. Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee will question TSA officials at a hearing today on Capitol Hill. The hearing is a joint effort of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform and the House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure. It starts at 1:30 in the Rayburn Office Building, Room 2154. The name of the hearing is ...read more »


Why does everyone hate the TSA?

The story had a familiar ring to it. It involved a group of soldiers returning home from Afghanistan. They were carrying weapons, including rifles, pistols and at least one M-240B machine gun. And then they got to the TSA screening area in Indianapolis, where an overzealous agent began confiscating the soldiers' contraband, according to the platoon ...read more »


How the TSA preys on ignorance — and what you can do about it now

For those of you with a legal bent, or those who've simply wondered what the law says about TSA searches and what your rights are, here's a brief overview. The 4th Amendment requires reasonable suspicion or probable cause before a search can be conducted. But in 1973, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals created a “special ...read more »


TSA — more harm than good?

The Economist magazine is holding one of its regular on-line debates. Here's the motion: "This house belives that changes made to airport security since 9/11 have done more harm than good." Do you agree? You can vote -- early and often, no joke -- on the motion, and you can read the arguments of the two contenders. Supporting ...read more »


“We answer to a higher god”

Former Presidential candidate Bob Barr (he ran for the Libertarian Party) has an advocacy group, Liberty Guard, that is suing the TSA for non-compliance with a FOIA request that Liberty Guard filed in 2010. Barr is trying to get TSA documentation about the November 2010 Opt-Out Day. It's now 2012, and the documents are still ...read more »


TSA and child abuse — again

This is child abuse, plain and simple. People are training their children to submit to being coerced and touched inappropriately. This three-year-old boy, Rocco Dubiel, in a cast, in a wheelchair, was singled out by the brilliant minds of the TSA to be manhandled, pawed, and swabbed, while his parents look on. The little boy is ...read more »