Thanks for the memo: John Pistole praises TSA, slams citizens

My colleague Chris Elliott asked the other day how much worse the TSA could possibly behave, given that its employees consistently defend the indefensible. Well, here's one answer, and TSA Administrator John Pistole provides it: Bad enough to charge you with assault, extort a guilty plea out of you, and then praise your assailants as "performing more »


How much worse can the TSA behave?

When you're on probation, you steer clear of trouble. You try to to avoid any appearance of impropriety, and you're on your best behavior. Not the Transportation Security Administration. The agency assigned to protect America's transportation systems is on notice -- from Congress, from its former chief administrator, and from the American public. But it's acting as more »


TSA chief John Pistole must go

Politico reports that Representative Paul Broun (R-Ga.) said TSA Director John Pistole has “been totally incompetent in his position” and “needs to be gone” — and he blamed “political correctness” for why the agency is “patting down grandma and children.” “They are totally inept," Broun said. "Mr. Pistole needs to be gone. I think [Homeland Security Secretary] more »

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Napolitano: TSA agents should play passenger advocate

In her continuing quest to turn George Orwell's fictional Animal Farm into reality, Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano proposed on Capitol Hill this week that the TSA passenger advocates first suggested by Senator Susan Collins of Maine actually be ordinary TSA agents who are "cross-trained" to fulfill both roles. Yes, my friends, that means more »

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TSA screeners at LAX implicated in meth & coke ring

Today's episode of  TSA Crime Stories is brought to you--as always, and with nary a trace of irony--by the Department of Homeland Security: From the Atlantic: Usually we rail on the TSA for acting dumb and confiscating cupcakes, or making women pump breast milk, or patting down 4-year-olds for hugging their grandmas, or patting down 7-year-old would-be terrorists with cerebral palsy. more »

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TSA targets disabled 7-year-old, causes family to miss flight

The hits just keep on coming. Not content to abuse a few children here and there, the TSA continues its winning streak by singling out a 7-year-old girl in leg braces, a girl who's developmentally disabled, to boot. And not only do they scream at her family and terrify her at the checkpoint, they confront more »


Texas Congressman Canseco says TSA assaulted him

Finally experiencing what thousands of his constituents have, U.S. Congressman Francisco Canseco of Texas says he was assaulted by the TSA during a "pat-down." Canseco said: "The agent was very aggressive in his pat-down, and he was patting me down where no one is supposed to go,” said Canseco.  “It got very uncomfortable so I moved his more »

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Yet another child abused by TSA

Yesterday we brought you the story of a 10-year-old boy who was groped by the TSA. Last month we brought you the story of a 3-year-old in a wheelchair. Over time, we've brought you stories of TSA agents arrested for child porn, sexual assault, and too many other crimes to keep up with. Today, we more »


“My 5th Grader Was Groped By TSA”

Lisa Belkin of Huffington Post writes about a letter she received from the mother of a 10-year-old boy who was groped by the TSA. In a private room, with his mother at his side. He has diabetes and wears an insulin pump. He set off the machine and was told by officers that he could not touch more »

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Is it too easy to lose the TSA’s “trust”?

A new Transportation Security Administration initiative that lets trusted travelers bypass the airport screening line is on the verge of an ambitious expansion. By the end of the year, PreCheck, a government program that offers expedited screening to those who submit to an initial background check, is expected to be available in 35 airports. Although many more »