Napolitano: TSA agents should play passenger advocate

In her continuing quest to turn George Orwell’s fictional Animal Farm into reality, Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano proposed on Capitol Hill this week that the TSA passenger advocates first suggested by Senator Susan Collins of Maine actually be ordinary TSA agents who are “cross-trained” to fulfill both roles.

Yes, my friends, that means that the person sticking his/her hands down your pants one day will supposedly be advocating on your behalf when another TSA agent does it the next. Continue reading “Napolitano: TSA agents should play passenger advocate”

TSA targets disabled 7-year-old, causes family to miss flight

The hits just keep on coming. Not content to abuse a few children here and there, the TSA continues its winning streak by singling out a 7-year-old girl in leg braces, a girl who’s developmentally disabled, to boot. And not only do they scream at her family and terrify her at the checkpoint, they confront her again the gate, and demand that she return to the checkpoint for further humiliation. Continue reading “TSA targets disabled 7-year-old, causes family to miss flight”

Is it too easy to lose the TSA’s “trust”?

A new Transportation Security Administration initiative that lets trusted travelers bypass the airport screening line is on the verge of an ambitious expansion. By the end of the year, PreCheck, a government program that offers expedited screening to those who submit to an initial background check, is expected to be available in 35 airports.
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