William Shatner, other celebrities also humiliated by TSA

In an apparent attempt to make light of the fact that an 81-year-old man was forced to stand in public with his pants around his ankles, the Toronto Sun reported that actor William Shatner was chosen for a "random" search at LAX (Los Angeles). Apparently the newspaper thinks it's amusing that Shatner "was left nursing a ...read more »

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TSA agent spills cremation ashes, laughs about it

Two Updates below. We've had yet another incident of a TSA agent humiliating and disrespecting a passenger. At Orlando airport in Florida, John Gross was transporting his grandfather's ashes in an urn marked "Human Remains." As he told the IndyChannel in his hometown of Indianapolis: "They opened up my bag, and I told them, 'Please, be careful. These ...read more »


At O’Hare, another TSA assault

A reader wrote to TSA News with the story of his assault at the hands of a TSA agent at Chicago's O'Hare Airport on Sunday, June 24th. After verifying his identity, we agreed to tell his story but keep his name private. Although many people, including TSA News writers Sommer Gentry, Amy Alkon, and Wendy Thomson, ...read more »


Amtrak and the TSA

With the May 30th passing of Rep. Jackie Speier's legislation allowing the TSA to share data with all manner of ground transportation, the question comes to mind, what's next? Will we be assaulted every time we try to travel from point A to point B, no matter by what means?      TSA News recently received ...read more »


TSA admits not supposed to grope but does anyway

In an about-face from what the TSA has been claiming since 2010 -- and from what hundreds of thousands of travelers have experienced -- a TSA supervisor claimed the other day that TSA agents are, in fact, not supposed to use the front of their hands to grope passengers in a search, only the back ...read more »


TSA bullies newspaper editor for leaving stuff in pocket

Ah, well, isn't it nice to know that it's not just the hoi polloi who get bullied, harassed, and abused by the TSA, but also Congressmen, Senators, state representatives, national journalists, and local newspaper editors? Columnist Dick Hughes of the Statesman Journal in Salem, Oregon finally got a taste of what the TSA regularly dishes out. And ...read more »


Rebuttal to Prof. Gilat-Schmidt’s response

In rebuttal to Professor Gilat-Schmidt’s rebuttal, I would like to summarize my view of her response. And yes, it's a bit strong: “Garbage in, garbage out." While I sympathize with her position in having her findings misrepresented in the LA Times and appreciate that she supports additional testing of these devices, her rebuttal fails to adequately address ...read more »


3 TSA headlines you thought you’d never see

Guess what? The TSA’s controversial full-body scanners are safe, after all. The agency is working hard to repair its tarnished image, too. Not that it needs to; a vast majority of Americans are happy with airport security. If you didn’t know any better, you’d think these headlines -- which appeared in the nation’s newspapers last week -- ...read more »


Prof. Taly Gilat-Schmidt responds

Yesterday and the day before TSA News had two posts on misleading news reports about the supposed safety of backscatter (x-ray) scanners. Both posts quoted a recent Los Angeles Times article. As we pointed out, the LA Times headline (the work of a copy editor, not a reporter) was inaccurate and misrepresented the research of the ...read more »

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TSA and scientific method — sworn enemies?

Over the weekend the Los Angeles Times featured a story with this headline: “TSA scanners pose negligible risk to passengers, new test shows." Aside from the propaganda aspects of the headline, consistent with other TSA “good news," the story and its underpinnings are fundamentall flawed, as has been reported here and elsewhere in the media. The story claims that ...read more »