Jesse Ventura joins us — quits flying

Some of us here at TSA News and at Travel Underground stopped flying long ago. Though we love — no, adore — travel, we stopped flying when the Reign of Molestation was implemented. I took the last flight of my life in September 2010. Wendy Thomson did likewise around the same time. Sommer Gentry, who used to fly about 50 times a year, has almost completely stopped, and will fly only rarely and only when she can avoid the strip-search scanners and the gropes; otherwise, she turns around and walks out. Continue reading “Jesse Ventura joins us — quits flying”

TSA waste and fraud

Each week there are reports of the TSA groping children and harassing the elderly, along with stories of internal corruption and theft. To divert attention from this continual bad publicity, the TSA likes to place stories trying to show that its employees sometimes do their job and find a weapon that a passenger forgot to remove from a carry-on bag. (Though how doing one’s job is somehow newsworthy is puzzling. Imagine if Domino’s issued a press release every time it delivered a pizza.) Continue reading “TSA waste and fraud”

We’re back! Here’s what happened …

Ahem. Some of you may have noticed this site was offline for a few hours.

OK, half a day.

Here’s what happened: One of the stories on this site went viral, drawing hundreds of thousands of pageviews within minutes.

We thought we had a big enough server to handle it. We didn’t.

Our server melted down, almost literally. It had to be manually restarted this morning.

If there’s a silver lining, it’s that the snafu happened over a weekend. But, truth be told, there’s no silver lining.

We wish this hadn’t happened, and we’ll do our best to make sure it never does again.

And now, on with the show …