TSA: causing air travel avoidance and leap in traffic deaths?

There's a report that US traffic deaths in the first three months of 2012 jumped 13.5 percent -- the highest number since 2008.   David Shepardson writes in the Detroit News: The estimated increase is the second largest quarterly jump in traffic deaths since NHTSA began tracking deaths on a quarterly basis in 1975 — and the ...read more »


Who are the real TSA dissidents?

This is footage of Julio Rausseo, an activist and journalist, at Chicago's Union Station the day after the Fourth of July. Why is he so upset? Because there are TSA agents at the train station, and they're about to set up a screening area. This audio recording was taken a week later, after Rausseo posted the first ...read more »


The risk in not understanding risk

A recent article at Wired comments on the 17-year-old string of missteps taken by the federal government in assessing the risks to federal buildings, at a multi-million-dollar cost to taxpayers. Neither part of that sentence -- misunderstanding risk/probability or wasting taxpayer money -- is new.   The Wired article reports on the flaws in the "interim software" ...read more »


A federal court finally steps up

Finally. That's all I can say. Finally, a federal court ruled that it does, indeed, have jurisdiction over at least some TSA procedures.   It's about time. The TSA has argued time and time again that its procedures are not subject to the U.S. Federal District Court system. And until now, federal district courts have agreed. They agreed ...read more »


TSA harasses two disabled children in Philadelphia

Reader LeeAnne Clark has given us permission to reprint her account of watching the TSA harass two disabled children at Philadelphia International Airport (PHL). As we've reported at TSA News many times, the TSA seems to have a penchant for singling out children, the elderly, the disabled, the sick, the weak, those least able to ...read more »


TSA screener charged with domestic assault, terrorizing

Another TSA screener has been charged with a crime. Not only assault (which by now we've practically come to expect), but also "terrorizing."   Isn't the TSA supposed to protect us from terrorism? Robert Don Jensen, age 40, of Brinsmade, North Dakota was charged last week with felony terrorizing, assault, and ingestion of a controlled substance. He ...read more »


TSA: Search your iPhone? Yes we can!

The TSA has been tasked with finding “weapons, exposives, and incendiaries” (WEI) and preventing them from making their way onto airplanes. See 49 CFR § 1540.5 (“Screening function means the inspection of individuals and property for weapons, explosives, and incendiaries”). To that extent, the TSA can lawfully conduct an “administrative search” for that purpose and that purpose only. ...read more »


The TSA and the First Amendment

There was a lot of cheering last week when a Portland, Oregon judge found 50-year-old John Brennan not guilty of public indecency. Brennan is the software engineer who stripped naked to demonstrate that he was no threat when TSA agents started questioning him at a checkpoint last April.   Any celebration is premature; Brennan's story is ...read more »


Does the TSA have a little penis problem?

We could be talking about meaningful things today, like the "not guilty" verdict for TSA protester John Brennan. We could be discussing the latest screening outrage, which involves a passenger's feeding tube. We might even debate why the agency assigned to protect America's transportation systems won't follow its laws. But no. What you really want to ...read more »

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