Disabled elderly man detained by TSA, misses flight

There’s been so much abuse by the TSA over the past several days it’s hard to keep up. From the deaf man who was mocked to the Make-A-Wish child who was hassled to the woman who was strip-searched and whose feeding tube was contaminated to the whole host of disabled people who’ve been abused, we now add the story of an elderly disabled man traveling with an oxygen machine who was detained, grilled, scanned three times, and made to miss his flight. Oh, and his daughter was threatened for good measure.      Continue reading “Disabled elderly man detained by TSA, misses flight”

TSA ignores court order on scanners

If you’ve waited in an airport security line, you know that the TSA is not what anyone would consider “prompt.” Still, even the longest airport delay is shorter than the amount of time it’s taking the TSA to respond to a court order that it demonstrate it even needs the things holding up the line in the first place: the advanced imaging technology (AIT), a.k.a. strip-search, scanners. 
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Carol Jean Price convicted of battery against TSA

Carol Jean Price, one of the few people in this country who has fought back against the TSA at the airport, has been convicted of battery against a TSA agent. The jury took only 20 minutes to reach a verdict.

So many of us who’ve been ringing alarm bells about the TSA have been wondering what would happen if a case such as hers ever reached a jury. Many said no jury in America would convict.

I guess this case put the lie to that.

I wrote in a comment just a few minutes ago, in answer to a reader’s question, that I believe we in this country are nowhere near a critical mass of people outraged enough at TSA abuse to do something about it. I’d say we’ve just seen evidence for that belief.