What TSA’s iPad theft problem means for your next flight

TSA agents seem to have a thing for iPads. Apple's tablet computers are easy to swipe from unwitting airline passengers and can be sold quickly online, as I noted earlier this year. You'd think the TSA would do something about the wave of thefts reported this spring. But instead, it has apparently done nothing. Less than nothing, if ...read more »


TSA says: you’re entitled to a refund!

Flyers, start saving your receipts! A very organized and persistent young mother did just that, and received a $3.99 deposit into her checking account for TSA-confiscated peanut butter. Yes, $3.99. For peanut butter. You see, this determined mother decided that having her personal belongings tossed into a trash bin was expensive and wrong, so she fought ...read more »


TSA: Freeze, or else

We have another not-a-new-story but one that many people still haven't heard yet and for which there's a new video that's making the rounds. And lucky us, we can see the TSA's foray into Saturday morning cartoon territory. The UK newspaper The Daily Mail has picked up a story that the New York Times reported last ...read more »


TSA mission creep

As we wrote in August, TSA whistleblowers have come clean about the fact that they're racially profiling passengers. Not because it has anything to do with security, but because they can. They're especially targeting blacks and Hispanics for harassment. Virginia Postrel has added her voice to the criticism of the TSA's risible "behavior detection program." It's ...read more »


TSA thumbs its nose at the law, courts say OK

Over a year ago, the TSA was ordered to hold a public comment period on the use of the strip-search scanners. The agency ignored that order. The response of the U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia was to give the TSA a stern talking-to -- "naughty, naughty, now straighten up and fly ...read more »


You’re in Good Hands with Happy Hands Homeland Security

Political movements never succeed by one method or strategy alone. It takes many tactics, many plans, many approaches, many disparate--even at times conflicting--actions to get things done. And artists are always an important part of the effort. This coming Saturday, September 29th, an arts festival called Figment is taking place in Washington, DC. Among the dozens ...read more »

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Rand Paul re the TSA: “Is this the pose of a free man?”

From a New York Times blog post by Juliet Lapidos, that's the perfect thing to say to the TSA as you're assuming the position of a common criminal. I missed this piece from earlier in September: On the Sunday before the Republican convention, Senator Rand Paul ranted against his least favorite government bureaucracy: The Transportation Security Administration. ...read more »


How close are we getting to a “papers please” society?

America is edging closer to becoming a "papers please" society, at least when it comes to travel. Where's the evidence? Just visit Arizona, where a judge last week ruled authorities could begin enforcing the "show me your papers" provision of the state’s bitterly contested immigration law. Or click on this page every now and then. It's ...read more »


TSA propaganda: sex, lies, and video clips

Despite overwhelming Congressional and public criticism of its personnel and policies, the TSA continues undaunted in its public relations program, which many have deemed a propaganda campaign. Instead of addressing the documented shortcomings within the agency, the TSA opts instead to waste effort planting spurious press releases and making false claims. Just this week there were ...read more »


Report on the TSA Aviation Security Advisory Committee

The Aviation Security Advisory Committee (ASAC) held its second public meeting September 18, 2012 in Arlington, Virginia. I attended the meeting, as I also did in May. The meeting was composed of subcommittee reports, with highlights being: - A recommendation to engage more dogs, and private dogs, to screen cargo. Apparently this idea has been piloted ...read more »