Sandy vs. Terrorism – which is the bigger threat?

Superstorm Sandy vs. "terrorism." I know which risk I'd rather take.  As people are trying to assess the damage and clean up from the storm that walloped the most populous part of the U.S. (up to 20% of the country's population) and left hundreds of miles of destruction and longterm consequences in its wake, it's impossible more »


Is this the only way to change the TSA?

Here’s a question everyone should be asking after last week’s stunning verdict against Andrea Abbott, the Nashville mother who tried to stop TSA agents from patting down her teenage daughter: Where do travelers turn when they have a legitimate grievance against the agency charged with protecting America’s transportation systems? Abbott and her daughter refused to submit more »


Another theft: passenger says TSA stole jewelry at Boston Logan

UPDATED BELOW. A TSA agent stole a woman's jewelry? Nah, impossible. Never happens!  As CBS News reports: Terri Ivester was on her way to a family christening in Chicago when she ran into a snag at the security checkpoint at Logan Airport. Terri Ivester says, “The TSA agent holds my backpack up, and um, says there’s a water more »


TSA: they haven’t found a single terrorist; they have to crow about something

For all the billions spent by the TSA, for all the balls groped, the grannies humiliated, the terminally ill people disrespected, and the children made to cry while being molested by uniformed thugs, the number of terrorists the unskilled workers of the TSA have caught? NONE. Consequently, all they can do to justify sucking our taxpayer dollars more »


TSA propagandist meltdown at Forbes

Ted Reed of Forbes has written a column titled “Remember 9/11?” In it, he defends the TSA's actions and uses as evidence another column written by the TSA's Lisa Farbstein. In that column, Farbstein issued a rebuttal to a syndicated article by Diane Dimond called "Time to Say 'So Long' to the TSA's Sour Attitude." Farbstein more »

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Andrea Abbott found guilty

Andrea Abbott, the mother who tried to protect her daughter from being molested by the TSA, has been found guilty of "disorderly conduct." Even though, as you can see in this video, Abbott wasn't being disorderly -- on the contrary, multiple TSA agents and an airport cop bullied her -- still, she was handcuffed, arrested, charged, more »

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TSA – “image problem” is the least of it

The Washington Post seems to have taken up the TSA's cause. In a report headlined "TSA fights major image problem," WaPo lists some of the TSA's recent troubles, including incompetence and criminal behavior. It then quotes "a federal employee expert" who tells us that everything's hunky-dory. The TSA is so rigorous and adept, you see, that more »


TSA’s history of double standards

Last week we had headlines about the TSA firing 25 workers and suspending 19 others at Newark airport for not confiscating 4-ounce containers of liquid or sufficiently delaying travelers. In addition, NBC 7 San Diego reported that Federal Security Director Michael Aguilar was retiring amidst reports of misconduct. In a bit of irony, the TSA declined comment, more »


How to kill the TSA’s full-body scanners — once and for all

It started like it always does, just a few moments before I checked in for my flight. The sweating. The heart thumping uncontrollably inside my chest. The weak knees. But one look at the blue paramilitary TSA uniforms in the airport terminal, and I thought this would be worse. Much worse. It wasn’t only because I had more »


Start saying good-bye to backscatter scanners

As Bill Fisher reported here at TSA News on September 3rd, the TSA has started removing the backscatter (x-ray) scanners from major airports. Now we find out that it's fobbing them off onto smaller airports. Pro Publica reports that the TSA is "quietly removing" backscatter machines from high-volume airports. Of course, I'm sure the reason has nothing to more »