The heroic Deputy Sheriff Stan Lenic

There are those who might believe that anyone opposed to the TSA has a problem with authority. And/or they hate all law enforcement. Well, sorry to tell you, but that is simply untrue. I am here today to laud the actions of one Deputy Sheriff Stan Lenic of Albany, New York.  There were two people at more »

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The TSA as we know it is dead — here’s why

If you don't believe the TSA is doomed after watching yesterday's House Aviation Subcommittee hearing, then you'll have to at least agree that the agency as we know can't continue to exist as it does. For starters, TSA Administrator John Pistole refused to testify before the committee on the innocuous subject of "common sense" improvements to more »

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TSA admin Pistole refuses to testify before Congress

Once again, TSA administrator John Pistole is thumbing his nose at Congress and refusing to testify. Pistole claims that the House Transportation and Infrastructure Subcommittee on Aviation has no jurisdiction over the TSA. So let me get this straight: Pistole thinks that a Congressional subcommittee, part of the body that approves the TSA's $8-billion-a-year budget, paid for more »


Attack of the killer mushrooms

Since mushrooms kill more people in this country than does terrorism, perhaps we should have TSA types guarding forests and woodlands, and scanning and groping us all before we enter our kitchens. Maybe they could have specially designed uniforms with a nifty logo. Whaddya think? (Photo: Bob Jenkins/Flickr Creative Commons)read more »


TSA Opt Out and Film Week

Sunday I set foot in an airport for the first time since 2010. I was taking my son to the airport after Thanksgiving and decided to film the TSA in action. Armed with a printed page from the airport website that explained that it was legal to film, carrying my mini-camcorder, and wearing my protest more »


Bruce Schneier explains why the TSA is a $1 trillion failure

(This is a reprint of a post that was originally published at TSA News on December 22, 2011.) Those of us who’ve been writing about the TSA for a few years are well familiar with security expert Bruce Schneier. He and others like him, people who actually study actual security, using data, risk assessment, statistical analysis, and empirical evidence, more »

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TSA: LAX airport workers’ sex parts go ungroped

At Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), when we were leaving for Paris, my boyfriend Gregg saw the TSA letting airport workers through the metal detector ungroped and unscanned.  Gregg was selected for the scanning/government-inflicted ball-grope. "I was next to the toaster oven and the metal detector," Gregg told me, "and four people were let through the more »


Is this the beginning of the end for the TSA’s full-body scanners?

To absolutely no one's surprise, the mainstream media last week ignored a legitimate grassroots protest against the TSA's allegedly invasive full-body scanners. Oh sure, there were whispers of National Opt-Out Week here and there. The trade publication Government Security News reported them, although it left readers with the impression that this action would fizzle. A lone more »


TSA’s John Pistole: all propaganda all the time

TSA Administrator John Pistole periodically conducts what are euphemistically called public relations campaigns.  These PR onslaughts follow a predictable pattern: credulous reporters ask namby-pamby questions, take everything Pistole says at face value, don't follow up, and gush their thanks when the interview is over. Two years ago, when Pistole implemented the scanners and the gropes (what I more »


TSA’s fave contractor Rapiscan accused of falsifying scanner info

Remember how we've been told for the past two years that the whole body imaging scanners are safe, effective, and can't record and store graphic nude images? And remember how many of us never believed it? Maybe because they've never been independently tested for safety, have been proven to be ineffective -- repeatedly -- and because 35,000 images more »