TSA abuse: 17,000 and counting

17,000 formal complaints have been filed about TSA “enhanced” pat-downs since 2009, according to a news report by Scott MacFarlane of WSBTV Channel 2, Atlanta. This is after a Congressman, Rep. Ralph Hall of Texas, reported that his 17-year-old niece was exposed during a pat-down. Since this is a Congressman, there is now a federal investigation underway. Once again, it pays to have friends in high places.  Continue reading “TSA abuse: 17,000 and counting”

Two petitions about the TSA

There are two petitions I’m asking you to sign. First off, I know petitions don’t, by themselves, effect change. I get it. But they still serve a useful purpose. They provide moral support to the person or organization sponsoring the petition. And they let other people know that they’re not alone. They are a way of communicating, a way of telling each other, “we’re all in this together.” Continue reading “Two petitions about the TSA”

Steampunk is now terrorism, according to the TSA

Editor’s Note: All over the country, news sources are printing and repeating irresponsible, misleading headlines. Examples: Man wearing ornate watch with bomb-making supplies arrested at Oakland airport, authorities sayGoeffrey McGann, ‘Artist’ carrying homemade ‘watch bomb’ with fuses and circuit board arrested in CaliforniaMan arrested after airport screeners see bomb-like watch; on and on. There were no “bomb-making supplies.” There were no bomb-making materials. There was no “watch bomb.” There was nothing “bomb-like.” The irresponsibility of the mainstream media is grotesque. -Lisa Simeone


Via David Burkhead, the TSA has now taken to arresting people with artsy homemade watches and shoes. The nitwits at the Oakland airport said a man’s artistic watch could be used to make a timing device for a bomb.  Continue reading “Steampunk is now terrorism, according to the TSA”