Another woman arrested for defending herself against the TSA

A South Korean woman visiting this country and, of course, having no idea that she was required to undergo physical assault as a condition of getting on a plane, was arrested at Orlando International Airport. 39-year-old Hyunjoo Kim was being groped by a TSA agent when she allegedly "slapped" said agent. If this is anything like the more »


Former cop finds racism, sexism welcome at TSA

A former New Jersey cop who, colleagues said, routinely disparaged blacks, Hispanics, East Indians, and women found a hearty embrace by the TSA at his local airport. Former Edison, NJ police sergeant Alex Glinsky retired last year on the taxpayers' dime ($84,000 a year) after having spent a career abusing John and Jane Citizen. Then he more »


TSA Santa and the Night Before Christmas

A Merry Christmas to our readers, writers, and lovers of civil liberties everywhere! Thanks to you, TSA News is growing and gaining new readers daily. Thanks to you, more people are learning about the behavior of this criminal agency and how they can fight it. Thanks to you, we're in a long line of crusaders more »


7 things you’ll love about the TSA

It's been almost three years to the day since Special Agent Robert Flaherty knocked on my front door and handed me a subpoena. The Department of Homeland Security order — which would have forced me to reveal the name of a source who had sent me a "secret" TSA security directive — was dropped a few more »


TSA’s exemption shell game

In a recent interview, TSA Administrator John Pistole acknowledged that his agency has been less than embraced by the public, and he again promised, as he has for two years now, to focus on improving passengers' experience with TSA screening. In that interview Pistole said that it has become an adversarial relationship, “so what we're trying more »


The wheels of justice are frozen

While lawsuits continue to be filed against the TSA on a variety of fronts, generally the TSA has been successful in foiling any and all efforts to make it accountable or to even reveal its statistics. Also, generally, the TSA does this by sheer obfuscation and technicality. I must admit, that is a strategy. However, more »


TSA addresses harassment of sick girl in wheelchair

The TSA has once again been forced to respond to an instance of abuse because a video went viral. Not apologize, mind you, just respond. If it hadn't been for that video, the experience of 12-year-old Shelbi Walser would've been just another day in American airport screening, a story of harassment told only to family and more »


The Insider’s TSA Dictionary

This blogger has worked for the TSA for many years. So he has the inside scoop. He's decided to share his insider knowledge with the general public at his blog called Taking Sense Away. You can have a ball perusing his many and varied posts -- one is better than the next -- for instance, "Confession #4: more »


Why are there so many TSA puff stories?

On any given day there will usually be several articles about the TSA in the media. This is typically a mix of stories on yet another arrested TSA screener or press releases fed to lazy reporters by the TSA announcing that they found a lighter in the shape of a hand grenade and protected America more »