Look out! 4 things that get damaged at the airport

TSA agents believe they are the last line of defense against terrorism, and that sometimes you have to break a few metaphorical eggs to keep America safe. At least that's the impression Norma Eigles came away with when she was recently screened at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport in South Florida. Eigles, who was visiting relatives in ...read more »


Pistole calls TSA “gold standard” for aviation security

In what is surely the howler of the week, TSA Administrator John Pistole has declared the TSA "the gold standard of aviation security." It gets better: "We know from intelligence that terrorists see the U.S. as the gold standard of aviation security, because of all the layers," Pistole said. Oh, yes, those layers! Gotta love the layers. You don't ...read more »


Aaron Tobey wins battle in lawsuit against the TSA

Aaron Tobey, the 1st and 4th Amendment hero who got arrested for speech -- silent speech, as you can see in the photograph -- has won his lawsuit a battle in his lawsuit against the TSA. Those of you who remember Aaron Tobey know that he was unlawfully detained by the TSA at Richmond International Airport in ...read more »


TSA shows up at Austin Amtrak station

We've written about the TSA's so-called VIPR teams many times, but most Americans still don't know about them. These teams conduct warrantless searches on all modes of transportation all over the country -- buses, trains, subways, ferries. Even highways. Yes, that means the TSA isn't only at the airport. The TSA paired up recently with local ...read more »


4th Amendment vs. 2nd Amendment — meekness vs. rage

As I listen to or read about the hue and cry over our Second Amendment rights if any new laws or restrictions on “bearing arms” are instituted, I wonder about the relative lack of concern over our Fourth Amendment rights. On one hand, citizens rail against losing one Constitutional right — to bear arms —and on ...read more »


Shoshana Hebshi suing the TSA and Frontier Airlines

American citizen Shoshana Hebshi, who was hauled off a plane in handcuffs, taken to a jail cell, and strip-searched, is finally suing the TSA. We wrote about Shoshana Hebshi here. She is one of the many victims of the post-9/11 paranoia and hysteria in this country. Many of us have been waiting for word of this ...read more »


TSA timeline, and the scanner saga continues

The news that the TSA and OSI, maker of the Rapiscan x-ray nude scanners, have reached an agreement to terminate the scanner contract has been widely reported. The contract is ending because of OSI's inability to meet the privacy requirement mandated by Congress -- even though the deadline to meet that requirement had been extended by ...read more »


The TSA and people of privilege

It’s become a cliché among those who support the TSA’s unprecedented intrusions into and under the clothing of innocent travelers: “Flying is a privilege, not a right.” This cliché is contradicted by numerous court rulings. In Kent v. Dulles (357 US 116), the Supreme Court wrote these words, which appear three times in the decision: The right ...read more »


Sorry, but the TSA still wants to scan you

Don't look now, but the TSA's full-body scanners are alive and well. Late last week, news organizations breathlessly reported that the agency's X-ray scanners were being removed from America's airports , leaving many air travelers with the impression that the TSA had abandoned body scans as a primary screening method. It hasn't. The agency ended a contract with ...read more »


TSA and commercial databases to track you

The TSA has put out another request for information to partner with private industry. As indicated in this recent post at TSA News, they want corporations to comb through their customer databases to help the TSA identify "trusted" travelers. This should be troubling to everyone, especially those who've ever had their identity stolen or who've discovered ...read more »