No, TSA, we do not all have the same parts

Tristan Higgins details in the Huffington Post how she was made to suffer for failing to conform to a TSA screener’s gender stereotypes. Tristan says, “I stepped out and waited in that spot where we all wait while some anonymous stranger decides whether we are a threat, whether our body scan matches up with expectations. more »


If you love the TSA, watch this

It happened again. At a time when the federal agency assigned to protect America's transportation systems can least afford it, there was another dust-up involving a young passenger — this time to Lucy Forck, a three-year-old with spina bifida flying to Disney World with her family. When the little girl in a wheelchair is pulled over for more »


On protecting children

I am re-posting something one of our writers posted here last year, because it's important and because not everyone, obviously, reads everything all the time. The things we talk about need to be reinforced, the points we make need to be repeated, again and again. We have new readers all the time. It's impossible for more »


TSA still harassing children

Many readers reacted to the recent story of the crying three-year-old girl in a wheelchair who was searched and harassed by the TSA at Lambert-St. Louis International Airport (after she had already successfully cleared the checkpoint) as though this were an uncommon incident. It should probably come as no surprise that in today’s 24/7 news cycle relatively recent more »


TSA lying to passengers? Nothing new

As we've indicated umpteen times (yes, I, too get tired of having to use that phrase) and as the TSA itself indicates on its own website, photographing, videotaping, or otherwise recording at the TSA checkpoint is legal. The only time it isn't legal is when a specific airport indicates by a public sign that that particular more »


Keeping score on civil liberties

I stumbled upon a very disheartening piece written on WashingtonsBlog: a scorecard on the Bill of Rights v. the Government. Sadly, it appears that the Bill of Rights isn't playing very well. In fact, one could say that at the moment, it looks like a rout. This rather lengthy but well-documented piece covers all of the more »


Yes, there’s a better way to screen air travelers

If you look enviously at the TSA Pre-Check line whenever you're at the airport — where pre-cleared air travelers breeze through the checkpoint without having to be scanned, remove their shoes or face a humiliating "enhanced" pat-down — then join the club. If you ask yourself: "What sets them apart from me?" and the answer is, more »


TSA truth

Why we won't stop writing about the abuses of the TSA, DHS, and the entire National Security State, why we won't stop naming things by their proper names, calling them out for what they are, and speaking the truth, no matter how many people it disturbs.  read more »

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