TSA assaults & traumatizes three-year-old girl in wheelchair

EDITOR’S NOTE: The comment thread on this post wasn’t closed down because the frat boys were “rude and crude.” I have no problem with rude and crude. There’s a limit, of course, to everything. But I believe in free speech. And I’m an adult, not a tender 6-year-old or a pearl-clutching Pollyanna with delicate sensibilities. I don’t go creeping off into a corner to cry just because somebody calls me a “bad name.”

I closed the comment thread because we couldn’t keep up. We were getting overwhelmed, and we’ve had server problems here as it is. Readers will note that I left up all the so-called objectionable comments. Again, free speech. Being called a c*** is hardly going to ruin my life. And that thread was an anomaly. It’s the only time in the history of this blog that a comment thread has turned out like that. -LS

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