TSA public comments thus far: Anger, disgust expressed; constitutional issues raised


Mother Jones has a good post up today: America’s 14 Most Pissed-Off Comments on the TSA’s Airport Body Scanners.

It’s heartening to see that at least some of my fellow lefties are calling attention (however obliquely) to these intrusive, ineffective, and potentially harmful machines. (I’m not sure, exactly, why or how liberals began to regard the matter of Fourth Amendment protections–not to mention common decency–as the exclusive domain of conservatives and libertarians. I for one refuse to passively stand by and watch as my rights, and those of my children, are violated by agencies whose salaries are paid with my tax dollars. And as readers are probably aware, I’m as left-leaning as it gets.)

Even more heartening: there would appear to be far more people saying “Hey, wait a minute–isn’t this America?” today than there were a year ago.

Do head on over to Mother Jones and add your comments and ‘likes’ (where appropriate). There are still too many Americans out there who take an anything-so-I-can-feel-safe attitude, or who lamentably assume “if it hasn’t happened to me, it never happens to anyone”. A little education goes a long way!