Nat’l Association of Airline Passengers public comment on AIT machines

STATEMENT OF INTEREST: The National Association of Airline Passengers is a non-profit membership association organized in 2010 to protect the rights of airline passengers, promote safety and security at airports, and encourage mutual respect between passengers, crew, and airport personnel. It performs research and advocates legislative and regulatory action. No publicly held entity owns an interest of the National Association of Airline Passengers, and the Association does not have any members who have issued shares or debt securities to the public. Continue reading “Nat’l Association of Airline Passengers public comment on AIT machines”

TSA screener slut-shames 15-year-old girl

Mark Fraunfelder’s 15-year-old daughter was at LAX yesterday, trying to board a flight with a group of other students on a trip to visit some colleges. Unfortunately, the U.S. government had decided ahead of time to hire tens of thousands of strangers to intimidate and abuse her (and others) as they blocked the girl’s safe passage to her airplane. Continue reading “TSA screener slut-shames 15-year-old girl”