Expanding the scope of Secure Flight: comment now

DHS/TSA is proposing expanding the scope of their “Secure Flight” program to determine the level of scrutiny passengers will get at airport checkpoints. They’re accepting comments until October 10th. If – like me – you oppose this latest assault on our privacy, please follow in the instructions at the end of this post to let them know what you think. Continue reading “Expanding the scope of Secure Flight: comment now”

Death by a thousand cuts – reprise

Last week I posted a letter I’d written to the Oakland County sheriff under the title “Death by a thousand cuts.” Yesterday I received a call from a Lt. Perry, who supervises the errant officer who inappropriately touched me. He started out the conversation with quite the attitude, as in “she did nothing wrong, that’s her job.” When I asked for her to come over and personally apologize, he stated: “That’s not going to happen.” Continue reading “Death by a thousand cuts – reprise”