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Americans: more concerned about stuff than about their rights

Alan Cleaver
Comment I just left at this New York Times article, which may or may not get printed. If you’re so inclined, you can do likewise. Call me crazy, but I think getting your privates poked by a government goon is more important than how much shit you can shove into the overhead (and wish I could’ve used that language!): Continue reading “Americans: more concerned about stuff than about their rights”

Another person finally wakes up to TSA abuse

Hard as it is to believe that people still don’t know what the TSA is doing in this country (“as long as nothing happens to me, it’s all okay!”), I’m always glad to meet a new convert. Even if it means that in order to be converted, that person has to be mistreated him- or herself. Unfortunately, that seems to be the way the world works. As the saying by Livy goes, “Eventus stultorum magister est” — “Fools must be taught by experience.” Continue reading “Another person finally wakes up to TSA abuse”