John Pistole defends indefensible behavior detection scam, makes threats

VoodooJokerByDave Gough
TSA Administrator John Pistole was called on the carpet again this week by the House Homeland Security’s Subcommittee on Transportation Security, this time over the agency’s squandering of nearly one billion dollars on its ineffective behavior detection program. After Pistole suggested that the program was affordable at 50 cents per passenger screened, Rep. Mark Sanford replied, “Or you could say it in the reverse. You could say a billion dollars with no result.” Continue reading “John Pistole defends indefensible behavior detection scam, makes threats”

Jewelry worth $6,000 stolen from luggage – by TSA?

Recently we received an email from a woman who’s been trying to get compensation for several thousand dollars’ worth of jewelry that was stolen from her luggage by, she believes, the TSA. The TSA rifled through her luggage, which she knows because they left a note behind. You might have seen those notes; not as clever as “Kilroy was here,” but they get the point across. (Then again, TSA agents also leave other kinds of notes, admonishing people for their vibrators or for their marijuana.) We have permission to use the woman’s name: Michelle Trimmell. Here’s her story. I have edited somewhat for length: Continue reading “Jewelry worth $6,000 stolen from luggage – by TSA?”