More Pre-Check propaganda and more TSA fraud

Another bs article about the bs program that is Pre-Check. And, of course, a discussion thread full of comments by the Special People o-woe-is-me-ing their fate. Pardon my impatience, but we’ve been writing about Pre-Check for over two years now, pointing out its fraud, and I do get sick of having to repeat the same things every time some ill-informed article appears in the mainstream media. Continue reading “More Pre-Check propaganda and more TSA fraud”

Scott Rickard: TSA’s “horrific civil rights violations”

Being a civil liberties watchdog can be a lonely slog. Though we know that there are millions of people around the country who get it — meaning they understand that the TSA is security theater — they don’t have the powerful voice that the mainstream press has. Nor, of course, that the TSA itself has. So we cheer when somebody else comes along who points out the TSA’s abusive farce. Continue reading “Scott Rickard: TSA’s “horrific civil rights violations””