New passenger discovers TSA grope policy

ADDENDUM March 1, 2016: Since I originally wrote this post, two years ago, the weasely, lying, criminal TSA has, of course, eliminated several of the pages to which I linked. If you click on those links today, you’ll get an error message: “Page Not Found.” Why is it not found? Who knows? Because the TSA is incompetent? Because it doesn’t want people to learn what its policies are, we the people who pay every stinking salary at that stinking agency? I don’t know. But I do know that I’ve gone through hundreds of past posts I’ve done at TSA News and corrected, repeatedly, broken links, only to find, later, that they become broken once again. I give up. The TSA is trying to hide its policies because its policies are abusive. And when it doesn’t outright hide them, it tries to obfuscate them with weasely language. So take what you will from this post. Everything I wrote here is accurate and true and was backed up with empirical evidence. The TSA’s hiding or removing of that evidence is par for the course. -LS
Charlotte Ann Kimbrough is a 57-year-old retired law enforcement professional. She worked for 32 years in an administrative capacity with the U.S. Attorney’s Office, the U.S. Postal Inspection Service, and other federal law enforcement agencies. She has two metal hip replacements.  Continue reading “New passenger discovers TSA grope policy”

Derailment Bingo: TSA Abuse Edition

Have you noticed that comment board trolls are, well, repetitive and boring as they try to derail conversations about the abuse that TSA metes out to its victims? The next time you have to wade through a comment section full of TSA cheerleaders trying to score points by shouting “9/11” in response to the latest child molestation video or strip-search outrage, take along our handy bingo board!  Continue reading “Derailment Bingo: TSA Abuse Edition”

Letter to Amtrak re TSA

Following is a letter to Amtrak management written by one of our regular readers. I know this reader, and since he requested anonymity for the purposes of posting his letter at TSA News, I have honored that request. For those who don’t know what the TSA is — and has been for years — doing at train stations, subways, buses, ferries, and even on the highway, I refer you to our many posts about the TSA’s VIPR teams, going back to our first one, in 2011 (and be sure to read about the Savannah debacle). In the letter, “APD” refers to Amtrak Police Department, and “PVD” means Providence, Rhode Island.  Continue reading “Letter to Amtrak re TSA”