Master List of TSA Crimes and Abuses

TSA Abuse Document – Master List
by Lisa Simeone

If you’re looking for the most recent incidents, skip to the end of the document, which document is here.

I’ve been writing about TSA abuse for several years – and since August 2010 specifically about the grotesquely euphemized “enhanced patdowns.” I kept warning people that these things were coming, that they were being “tested” by the TSA in two airports – Las Vegas and Boston – in preparation for a national roll-out. Few of my friends and colleagues cared.

Since October 30, 2010, when millions of passengers started being subjected to the “pat-downs,” people have slowly been waking up. The expected abuse has, of course, gotten worse. Not only are we subject to groping, but many TSA agents have taken it one step further: groping inside people’s underwear, or taking them to private rooms to disrobe.

This abuse was predictable.

Lord Acton’s saying about absolute power corrupting absolutely still holds. And Philip Zimbardo and Stanley Milgram amply demonstrated abuse of power in their famous experiments over 40 years ago. But many people prefer to stick their heads in the sand.

This is a compilation of stories and sources, to which I keep adding as new ones appear. Some are headlines and links only; most include text. I started including text because links can go out of date, sites can remove stories, and when you have a broken link you’re stuck.

Some links contain multiple stories.

Obviously, these are only the accounts that happened to receive publicity or that were recounted to me personally. We have no idea how many other incidents there are that never get reported to anyone but family and friends. No one person can keep up with them all.

This list, which contains thousands of accounts, includes various kinds of TSA abuse – physical, sexual, financial, psychological – inappropriate questions about personal finances, passenger’s money being confiscated, harassment that forces people to miss their flights, bullying of various kinds, children being molested, groping, assault, etc. It’s in roughly chronological order, so if you’re looking for more recent incidents, skip to the end.

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