TSA Watch – Start Up Funding

A new organization to fight the TSA is starting up, and you can help.  It's called TSA Watch. The co-founder, Evan Cutler, has a lot of entrepreneurial and advocacy experience, so he's a good person to be behind this. Click the link to get all the info on what TSA Watch plans to do and how ...read more »

Propaganda Central (aka TSA Blog) trumpets award

Oscar season may be upon us, when movies, actors, actresses, directors, etc. get recognized for their achievements, but never let it be said that our hardworking civil servants, who do so much to Keep Us Safe, go unnoticed.  Indeed, we here take the time to salute them, as neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom ...read more »

TSA logic: Carry on water, get groped; run guns, get a pass

We've only been saying it for years.  The bigger threat at airports, inasmuch as there is one, comes from the employees, not the passengers. Employees at all levels have unfettered access to airports and airplanes. They roam freely behind the scenes, from the so-called "sterile" area, beloved of TSA bureaucrats, to the planes themselves. Mechanics, baggage ...read more »

Court rules against Prof. Ruskai in TSA case

We have an update on a court challenge against the TSA.  On December 23, 2014, the First Circuit Court of Appeals ruled against plaintiff Professor Mary Beth Ruskai. We've covered this case before, but for ease of reading here's a brief synopsis: Prof. Ruskai has metal implanted replacement hips. She is a frequent traveler and a "Trusted Traveler, ...read more »

More TSA theft – this story is getting old

Because we've written so many times about TSA theft (meaning TSA agents stealing from passengers, not the TSA getting stolen from), we just yawn anymore when another story comes down the pike. Although this time somebody actually got convicted for her crime, unlike the thousands of other TSA clerks who get away with their thieving.  From ...read more »

The Genius of the TSA

As regular readers know, we've often lauded the genius of the TSA. But we aren't alone. We have allies all over the place, including in Hollywood.  Thanks to the brilliant Key & Peele, we now have an even greater understanding of the genius of the TSA. Or "the wily TSA." Or "these mothers of devils." Enjoy. (H/T to ...read more »

TSA is the least of it — or why we won’t win

John Whitehead of the Rutherford Institute, about whom we've written many times, is indefatigable in his defense of the Bill of Rights. He and I don't always agree politically, but on civil liberties we do. And his latest newsletter reveals why this battle -- the whole raison d'être of TSA News -- is a fool's ...read more »

Women strip-searched by TSA three years ago finally file suit

Three elderly women who were strip-searched by the TSA back in 2011 have finally come forward to file suit. Not against the agency, unfortunately, but against the three (publicly unidentified) screeners who performed the abusive searches.  The women are Leonore Zimmerman, 75; Linda Kallish, 69; and Ruth Sherman, 91. We've written about all of these women before, ...read more »

TSA holiday pleas? Oh, please

Here at TSA News we often call your attention not only to news reports but to other blogs and websites that discuss the TSA. Consumer Traveler is one of them.  The other day, for instance, I left a comment here asking readers to go over to Consumer Traveler and weigh in on a discussion. That CT ...read more »