Sai receives TSA documents through FOIA


UPDATE BELOW. At TSA News we've written several times about an intrepid, indefatigable young man named Sai. He has been forced to tangle with the TSA more than once, when the agency's workers have bullied, harassed, and illegally detained him. Here's the first post we did on him, here's the second, and here's the third. In a more »

More Tweets about the TSA


We've featured tweets before from people who've been harassed by the TSA. There are thousands of them. Well, here's another. From a woman whose Twitter handle is Criminelle more »

BDOs in Motion, TSA back-slapping on display


The Intercept has another article about the lunacies of the TSA. Jana Winter is the reporter covering the TSA over there, and she has an inside track to agency employees who feed her bits of information, including this latest: glossy, bi-monthly newsletters that highlight the yuckety-yuk jokes, clever quips, heartwarming tales, and literary pretensions of more »

Morrissey alleges sexual assault by TSA


British indie rock musician Stephen Patrick Morrissey -- better known simply as Morrissey -- became well known in the 1980s with his band The Smiths. He's now 56 years old. And yesterday he filed a complaint against the TSA for sexual assault. Welcome to the club, Morrissey. Americans -- and visitors to the U.S. -- get sexually more »

Media continue to pamper the TSA


The more you read, the less you know. News coverage of the Transportation "Security" Administration routinely accepts premises that are ridiculously exaggerated, breathlessly framing stories around falsehoods and fantasies. And here we go again, with a┬ástory in the Tampa Tribune about the legal travails of TSA officers who are suing the agency over its supposedly unfair employment more »

Another day, another passenger screwed by the TSA


Almost every day I receive emails from people telling me about their TSA experiences. They often wonder if they could have prevented the abuse meted out to them by dressing differently, talking differently, acting differently, flying out of a different airport, you name it. As I always tell them, no. You have no power over more »

UK “security” just as clueless as US

A recent protest at Heathrow where people who objected to the expansion of the airport blocked a runway caused the cancellation of 13 flights. It took the authorities 7 hours to get the protesters off. How did they get on in the first place? By cutting through a fence and then chaining themselves to said more »

Neffenger to head TSA, nothing will change


The Senate has┬áconfirmed a longtime Coast Guard officer, Vice Admiral Peter Neffenger, to serve as the director of the so-called Transportation Security Administration. The change has no meaning or significance of any kind, and will do nothing to anything anywhere, at all, ever. The TSA status quo will continue to status quo itself, status quoistically. If more »

TSA snoops in passenger’s bag, finds money, calls DEA to take it


From the Washington Post comes this story of not only another instance of TSA abuse, but the TSA's bragging about said abuse. The headline reads: "Why the TSA posted a photo of a passenger's cash-filled luggage on Twitter." And the TSA tweeter in question is none other than PR flack Lisa Farbstein, about whom we've written more »