Terroristy breast milk strikes again! UK & US equal in stupidity


Because, as we've reported before, the UK is just as fearmongering and civil-liberties-violating as the US, and is in many ways the lapdog of the US, it should come as no surprise that our brethren across the pond have adopted the worst practices of the TSA. It used to be that you could fly in/from Europe ...read more »

Redditor finally discovers the TSA is abusive


  From a thread started at Reddit by someone who is just now discovering that the TSA is abusive. Duh. Sorry, patience is admittedly not one of my virtues, but I really can't take it anymore -- not only the surprise exhibited by people who seem to have been living under a rock for the past, oh, ...read more »

Leaked doc proves what we’ve been saying for years: TSA is nuts


Everyone's been sending me the article from First Look/The Intercept about the latest "confidential" TSA document. Though I'm a huge supporter of Glenn Greenwald and his journalistic endeavors -- and have written so here -- and am glad for any light that is shed on the TSA's myriad abuses, I have to say this latest article ...read more »

Tales from the Resistance


This is not directly related to the TSA, but it is about the growing presence of security searches. It's about my latest stand at demanding autonomy over my physical person. And it has to do with a local district courthouse.  Last time I visited a courthouse (2013) I was inappropriately (in my assessment) touched. A deputy ...read more »

Mentally ill man who attacked TSA agents dies

A mentally ill man named Richard White attacked TSA agents at the New Orleans airport with wasp spray and a machete and was, in turn, shot by a sheriff's lieutenant on duty nearby.  White later died of his injuries. It turns out that White, 63, was also carrying Molotov cocktails in his bag; and his car, later searched ...read more »

TSA clears known felon for pre-check


Ha ha ha ha! Don't you just love it when someone -- or in this case something -- gets hoist on its own petard? Not that it matters, of course; rarely does. People and organizations whose stupidity, hypocrisy, and incompetence are laid bare for all to see rarely change their ways. On the contrary, they ...read more »

Learning about TSA Pre-Check the hard way

Another passenger learns about the scam of Pre-Check the hard way. From a woman who identifies herself as Trish24, comment originally left last month, February 2, 2015: "I may never fly again and I am serious thank you TSA. I was TSA prechecked but my hands got wanded and supposedly something showed up. My carryons were ...read more »

TSA News transition, pls be patient as we fix bugs

As you can see, TSA News looks different. We recently changed over to a new format and are still working out the kinks. For one thing, you'll see that posts aren't dated on the home page. Second, there's no indication of how many comments are on posts. Third, you can't see pix on the home ...read more »

Another year, another “terror” “crisis”


Yeah, I have to keep using scare quotes, because they're a reflection of this country and its insistence on finding a terrorist around every corner.  The latest "crisis" is that, like last year, the Department of Homeland Security is in faux-danger of not being funded. Congress, as usual, is fighting. The whole brouhaha is fake, of ...read more »