FTTUSA files Amicus Brief in Jon Corbett’s TSA case

From Wendy Thomson, one of our writers here at TSA News and one of the founders of Freedom to Travel USA (FTTUSA), comes this update:  FREEDOM TO TRAVEL USA filed an Amicus Brief in Jon Corbett’s case ( ) against the TSA. Our main concern is that the Appeals Court made some comments on the constitutionality of more »

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Supreme Court’s Scalia on TSA abuse: Meh

Anybody who thinks the Supreme Court will protect us from the TSA is dreaming. More accurately, he has his head somewhere other than above his shoulders.  People keep claiming in comments here at TSA News that (paraphrasing): "We just need a case to make it all the way to the Supreme Court. Then the 4th Amendment more »


Keeping score on civil liberties

I stumbled upon a very disheartening piece written on WashingtonsBlog: a scorecard on the Bill of Rights v. the Government. Sadly, it appears that the Bill of Rights isn't playing very well. In fact, one could say that at the moment, it looks like a rout. This rather lengthy but well-documented piece covers all of the more »


Air travel is a right

Ladies and gentlemen, now we have it. On December 20, 2012, Judge William Alsup ruled against the TSA. But before you get your hopes up, this is a case about the No-Fly List: Rahinah Ibrahim v. Department of Homeland Security et al. (The case is covered in layman's terms here.) The Department of Justice had filed for more »


Groped again at the airport, followed by a lecture

At LAX, flying Delta. Gregg told me to go through the lane at the left, and I did, but I still got marked for a search. I spent much of my morning dreading this, and when they told me I immediately burst into tears. I was so upset at being put through a full bag search more »


Is VIPR worth the trouble?

Are the aggressive "security" actions of the Department of Homeland Security through its TSA and VIPR teams disproportionate to the existing threat? I believe they are. Grossly disproportionate, as a matter of fact. Let's start with a brief analysis of the threat: There have been three known attempts to down an aircraft over the U.S. in the more »