TSA: Now Hiring!

Though on the one hand it pains me to post this video because it’s via Alex Jones, who’s — well, not to put too fine a point on it — a lunatic — on the other hand it’s hilarious and entirely apt. So hey, credit where credit is due. Watch and enjoy. TSA: Now Hiring!

Ft. Myers TV station airs accidentally accurate TSA logo

Gotta love this!

WBBH in Ft. Myers, Florida, apparently aired a report with a tweaked DHS/TSA logo behind the speaker. Instead of the letters “TSA” for, of course, “Transportation Security Administration,” only the letters “TA” appear. They represent, in case it has to be explained, “Tits and Ass”; and depicted on each side, if you look closely, are breasts and buttocks.

Thanks to our writer Amy Alkon for the story, which she got via Kevin Eck at Adweek. Hats off to the clever person who tweaked the logo, though I do have to wonder if it actually aired this way or if the image was changed afterwards for this still shot. Either way, the tweaked logo is a more accurate representation of the TSA!

Please sign this fab TSA petition

Come on, folks, let’s get this up to at least 150 signatures. If we do, it’ll go live on the main White House petition site. It was written by our perennially creative contributor Chris Bray.

You may recall that we’ve tried petitions in the past, including one that went nowhere thanks in no small part to the fact that the White House’s site went down for several hours and they didn’t extend the petition-signing time to account for that. In other words, we got shortchanged.

Let’s not let that happen again. This time, the petition is a brilliant satire of the TSA’s behavior, especially the recent case of TSA supervisor Maxie Oquendo sexually assaulting a young woman at La Guardia Airport under color of authority.

Come on, let’s make this happen! I know most people can’t be bothered with this issue in general (boy, do I know it), but you can at least have a little fun with it. Sign the petition here. And then repost, tweet, disseminate however you like far and wide.

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Derailment Bingo: TSA Abuse Edition

Have you noticed that comment board trolls are, well, repetitive and boring as they try to derail conversations about the abuse that TSA metes out to its victims? The next time you have to wade through a comment section full of TSA cheerleaders trying to score points by shouting “9/11” in response to the latest child molestation video or strip-search outrage, take along our handy bingo board!  Continue reading “Derailment Bingo: TSA Abuse Edition”