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Head of TSA John Pistole stepping down in December

John Pistole, head of the Transportation Security Administration for the past four years, announced today that he will retire at the end of 2014.  Mainstream media have long fallen over themselves helping Pistole disseminate half-truths, spin, and baldfaced lies about the TSA. Nothing is different today. Indeed, the press is being totally consistent, praising Pistole to more »

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John Pistole resigning

TSA Director (or as we like to call him, Molester-in-Chief) John Pistole has just announced his resignation. TSA News writer Deborah Newell Tornello is doing a post on more »

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The Lobby of the Tulsa Airport Is Not Fallujah

Thousands Standing Around director John Pistole is at it again.  He wrote a letter to the editor this week to ooze the usual butthurt nonsense, most of which I won't bother with. Read it yourself, if you feel the need, and bring something fragrant to mitigate the odor. But the piece of Pistole's letter that made me more »

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John Pistole at Aspen — again — and again — and again

He's baaack!  Every year at this time, we can count on the appearance of TSA administrator (aka Molester-in-Chief, as we like to call him) John Pistole at the Aspen Institute in Colorado, solemnly intoning on the grave risks posed every day by those Terrorists Hiding Around Every Corner™, especially ones with bombs in their pants. In fact, more »

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What the TSA really thinks of you – as if you didn’t already know

It doesn't take many brain cells to figure out that the TSA, institutionally and individually, holds us in contempt. In their eyes, we're all potential terrorists. Also peons who have to be put in their place. Never mind that we pay their salaries, every penny of their $8-billion-a-year budget, and that they are supposed to facilitate more »

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More Pre-Check propaganda and more TSA fraud

Another bs article about the bs program that is Pre-Check. And, of course, a discussion thread full of comments by the Special People o-woe-is-me-ing their fate. Pardon my impatience, but we've been writing about Pre-Check for over two years now, pointing out its fraud, and I do get sick of having to repeat the same more »

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NYT: TSA’s behavior detection program useless, wasteful

Readers of TSA News know that we've been pointing out the fraud of the TSA's so-called "behavior detection" program for years. Just a few examples: here, here, here, and here. Well, now the New York Times is finally catching on. In a bluntly worded editorial, the NYT excoriated the TSA's  behavior detection program, part of the agency's oft-ballyhooed "multi-layered security more »

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TSA propaganda never lets up

We here at TSA News are used to the steady stream of propaganda put out by the TSA and its spokespeople (all paid for by our tax dollars, I might add). John Pistole, Nico Melendez, Lisa Farbstein, Kip Hawley, David Castelveter, John Halinski, Kawika Riley, LuAnn Canipe, Blogger Bob, on and on -- there's a veritable more »

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TSA’s John Pistole shovels the sh*t yet again redux

The media are once again doing the TSA's dirty work for it. Who needs PR flacks when you have newspapers, TV, radio, and the internet? As we've written so many times, security at U.S. airports was working just fine after 9/11. Planes weren't being blown out of the sky left and right. Then along came TSA more »


DOJ backpedals on claim that Guantanamo searches are like TSA’s

This past summer, a U.S. judge issued a rare ruling on the side of justice and the rule of law. Then, just as quickly, his ruling was appealed by the Department of Justice (sic) and overturned. I wrote about that case here, in a post called "Guantanamo's Prisoners Groins Protected; Too Bad Yours Aren't." Now that case more »