TSA to force people through scanners

As many people have discovered from the latest news, the Department of Homeland Security has suddenly decreed publicly what anyone with reasonable observational skills knows they've been planning from the get-go:  that the TSA will, at whim, force passengers through the strip-search scanners. I repeat that this has been the plan from the beginning. I said more »


Same old same old: TSA harasses, punishes man in Hawaii

Nico Melendez is a spokesman for the TSA. Meaning he's a professional liar. We have the latest example of his gift for lying in a story from Hawaii. A man named Richard Slaven was traveling from the island of Kauai to San Diego when he was waylaid by the blue-shirted crusaders. As is his right, Slaven told the TSA employees more »

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Is the TSA using scripts to push us through its full body scanners?

Roberta Ling is a 73-year-old woman from Austin, Texas. Statistically, she's likelier to be the next Miss America than a terrorist. But that doesn't stop the TSA from harassing her whenever she flies. Ling expects it. She has an artificial breast prosthesis, and is forced to make a difficult choice between a full-body scan and an more »


Nathaniel Rich in the NYT on scanners, TSA’s coercive tactics

Novelist Nathaniel Rich has written an op-ed for the New York Times on his refusal to go through the strip-search scanners (although it strikes me as inappropriate that the op-ed appears as part of the "Anxiety" series, as if it's about some quaint neurosis instead of an important civil liberties concern). You can read the op-ed more »


TSA disrespects paraplegic Marine — again

As we reported here the other day, a wounded Marine wrote to his Congressman after being humiliated by the TSA at Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport. According to the AZ Family report, Phoenix TSA Assistant Screening Director Jeff Perez showed video of the incident to a 3TV crew. Perez says no footage is available showing the area more »


Yes, there’s a better way to screen air travelers

If you look enviously at the TSA Pre-Check line whenever you're at the airport — where pre-cleared air travelers breeze through the checkpoint without having to be scanned, remove their shoes or face a humiliating "enhanced" pat-down — then join the club. If you ask yourself: "What sets them apart from me?" and the answer is, more »


Why are there so many TSA puff stories?

On any given day there will usually be several articles about the TSA in the media. This is typically a mix of stories on yet another arrested TSA screener or press releases fed to lazy reporters by the TSA announcing that they found a lighter in the shape of a hand grenade and protected America more »


TSA violence

A TSA screener was shot and killed at Cleveland International Airport by her husband, who then turned the gun on himself. The 28-year old man followed his wife, who was commuting to work with another TSA screener, to the airport Sunday. The husband rammed the back of their car, got out, and started shooting. The other more »


Déjà vu: crimes, thefts, and TSA “standards”

Yesterday we reported on the latest TSA theft. If it sounded familiar, in more ways than one, it isn’t just a case of déjà vu. The only thing more consistent than TSA thefts in recent years is the agency's hollow statements about TSA worker integrity and agency standards. If the TSA holds it workers to such more »


TSA invasion: Big Brother may soon scan your every molecule

Got a tip the other day about a creepy new scanner. Lisa Vaas writes at Naked Security: Possibly as early as 2013, the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) will be able to beam a laser at us from 164 feet (50 meters) away, analyzing the molecules of our bodies, our clothes, our luggage, whatever meal more »