Sai tests legality of TSA’s new scanner policy

TSA activist and friend of the blog Sai, about whom we've written many times (plug "Sai" into the search box to get caught up), has already done so much to try to fight the abuses of the Transportation Security Administration. And here he is doing more. This guy, like Jon Corbett, is indefatigable. Because I'm a more »


Another court order the TSA will ignore

Everyone keeps sending me links to this story, but I saw it when it first came out last week and decided not to write about it because it isn't news. It's the same old same old. I can't see how it means anything significant in our fight against the TSA.   John Whitehead's Rutherford Institute, which fights more »

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More Tweets about the TSA

We've featured tweets before from people who've been harassed by the TSA. There are thousands of them. Well, here's another. From a woman whose Twitter handle is Criminelle more »

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Freedom to Travel USA to SCOTUS re TSA

On behalf of Freedom to Travel USA, I am pleased to announce that the amicus brief we submitted to the Supreme Court on behalf of Jon Corbett has been docketed. You can see the notice here and FTTUSA's actual brief here. Since I am not an attorney, I'll try to explain our position in layman's terms; more »

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Terroristy breast milk strikes again! UK & US equal in stupidity

Because, as we've reported before, the UK is just as fearmongering and civil-liberties-violating as the US, and is in many ways the lapdog of the US, it should come as no surprise that our brethren across the pond have adopted the worst practices of the TSA. It used to be that you could fly in/from Europe more »

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Jon Corbett loses latest round in legal battle against TSA

Our comrade-in-arms Jon Corbett has just lost the latest round in his legal battle against the TSA. Regular readers know who Corbett is. New ones can take a gander at the many stories we've done about and with him (he's also written for TSA News). Here's the latest update from his blog, called TSA Out of Our more »

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Hate to say we told you so, but . . . .

I am co-founder of an oganization dedicated to regaining freedoms taken away by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). We're fighting against the illegal, warrantless strip-searches of travelers and the coerced, inappropriate physical touching of their bodies.  The organization is called Freedom to Travel USA (FTTUSA). At FTTUSA, we have a long-standing relationship with activist Jonathan Corbett, who was the first more »

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Junked Rapiscan scanners get second life

Since the radiation-emitting, independently untested Rapiscan strip-search scanners were removed from airports last year -- at the cost of millions of dollars to taxpayers -- what's happened to them?  Well, surprise, surprise, they're being forced on yet another vulnerable part of the population, one with no power to object: prisoners. So far, 154 of the machines have more »


DHS TSA corruption – so what else is new?

A report came out last week exposing corruption at the Department of Homeland Security, with the DHS inspector general in cahoots with other officials high up in the administration.   According to a Senate investigation, the acting DHS IG (inspector general), Charles K. Edwards, was a little too buddy-buddy with senior political operatives, even going so more »

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Scott Rickard: TSA’s “horrific civil rights violations”

Being a civil liberties watchdog can be a lonely slog. Though we know that there are millions of people around the country who get it -- meaning they understand that the TSA is security theater -- they don't have the powerful voice that the mainstream press has. Nor, of course, that the TSA itself has. So more »

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