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Jason is back: more stories from TSA hell

Our whistleblower buddy Jason Harrington has written another exposé. We were the first site in the blabbosphere to publicize Harrington's TSA tell-all blog, called Taking Sense Away. That was two years ago. And we wrote about him several times thereafter. Since then, he's come out of hiding, first with a blockbuster cover story for Politico, and ...read more »

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TSA in damage control mode (yet again)

By now, I imagine most of you have read the Politico article written by Jason Edward Harrington, former TSA screener and humorous author of Taking Sense Away. Harrington's "coming out" article has received significant press -- enough to merit a TSA response. Of course, that response is predictable, eschewing what Harrington alleges and nauseatingly spouting the ...read more »

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USA to TSA: so what should we do now?

The other day saw publication of the Politico article by former airport screener Jason Harrington, who came out from anonymity and outlined some of what can only be called lunacy at the TSA. Here at TSA News we've been writing about Harrington -- before he revealed his full name -- since 2012 and, of course, pointing ...read more »

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TSA to USA: We see you naked, and worse, try to make your life hell

Our friend at Taking Sense Away, about whom we've written several times, and who up to now has remained anonymous, has just revealed his identity. In a very public way. Our buddy "N. J." is really Jason Harrington. And his tell-all about life as a TSA screener was published last night by Politico. The title of ...read more »

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TSA story contest — why ridicule is sublime!

Our buddy at Taking Sense Away has a new gambit up his sleeve. And it's a doozy. The wonderful "Enjay" has been regaling us with equal parts humor and horror since he started his peek-behind-the-scenes-of-the-TSA blog. He has graciously allowed us to cross-post his entries many times. And this time, he's running a contest, with award money, ...read more »

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Another TSA employee spills the beans

Friend-of-the-blog NJR of Taking Sense Away has allowed us to cross-post his entries for some time now. He gave me a heads-up last week that the following would hit his pages today. So here it is. And there's a revelation afoot: Confession #9: I’ve Been a Current TSA Employee, Not a Former TSA Employee, All Along. Posted on June 2, ...read more »


Blue shirts, red faces: more on TSA uniforms and public embarrassment

As you know, the TSA recently signed a $50 million contract for new uniforms, a contract that some lawmakers are none too happy about, especially with across-the-board budget cuts from the sequester. A few congressman challenged TSA Deputy Administrator John Halinski on Capitol Hill today about the increased uniform budget and about the agency in general. ...read more »


Taking Sense Away (TSA) keeps on trucking

Friend of the blog NJR, about whom I wrote on December 18, 2012, is on a roll. This guy is hilarious (in a good way, not in the way that the TSA is hilarious). And because he's a former screener, he has more authority when it comes to telling you what we critics have been telling ...read more »

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The Insider’s TSA Dictionary

This blogger has worked for the TSA for many years. So he has the inside scoop. He's decided to share his insider knowledge with the general public at his blog called Taking Sense Away. You can have a ball perusing his many and varied posts -- one is better than the next -- for instance, "Confession #4: ...read more »